PHP 5.4 Session Upload Progress Bar: Track the progress of file uploads using sessions

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This class can track the progress of file uploads using sessions.

It can check a session variable assigned to keep track of the progress of a file upload.

The class can return the current upload progress value in percentage.

The class can set the session variable to cancel a file upload in progress.

It can also move the file to a given directory after the upload has finished.


PHP 5.4 - File Upload Progress Bar

This is an example how to create a progress bar using PHP 5.4 to calculate the progress of a file being downloaded.

I also used the jQuery framework to query AJAX to know the percentage of the progress in real time.

Finally, if you want more info concerning this PHP feature, you can visit the official PHP website or check my French ebook here.

Example of the progress bar

Server Requirements

PHP 5.4.0 or higher.


Pierre-Henry Soria


By email at: pierrehenrysoria {{AT}} gmail {{D0T}} com or at: ph7software {{AT}} gmail {{D0T}} com


This source code is under the license Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 or later; See the LICENSE.txt file.

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Name: PHP 5.4 Session Upload Progress Bar
Base name: php-session-upload
Description: Track the progress of file uploads using sessions
Version: 1.3
PHP version: 5.4
License: Freeware
All time users: 1287 users
All time rank: 2962
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 238
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File Role Description
form-progress-bar Screen Form progress bar
upload-form Screen Upload form


Large file upload handler
Looking for class that will handle large file uploads

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index.php Example Example script
LICENSE.txt Lic. License text Doc. Documentation
Upload.class.php Class Class source
upload.php Example Example script

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