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need php/mysql based powerful advertisment system: need powerful advertisment systems

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need php/mysql based powerful advertisment system


by George Makhauri - 1 year ago (2017-11-21)

need powerful advertisment systems

This request is clear and relevant.
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users must can:

automatic creation of ads , need only approvation from admin ( i will understand where i must insert my arrays )

*registration/login/forgotten password request *create ads and pay money ( with paypal + cards )

if you will give me this plugin, i will always add this website reclam to my website for free: home page , as our partner . heywebmas will worlds biggest web resources search engine . i'm from georgia and i don't know english good sorry.please contact me at .

THANK YOU . i hope you will read this <3 i like this website , somethimes i'm downloading resources from

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