I need a solution to sync DB of 3servers: I need to sync DB in all of 3 servers

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I need a solution to sync DB of 3servers


Picture of behnamy by behnamy - 2 years ago (2018-09-06)

I need to sync DB in all of 3 servers

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I have 3servers which there is a load balancer in front of them and sends the requests to these servers randomly.

The script is the same in all of these 3servers, but I need to sync DB in all of these servers, or replicate DB or whatever you suggest, I don't know it's name! There are a lot of things I've heared: -MySQL Relication (master-master) -MySQL Relication (master-slave) -MySQL Relication (Group replication) -Percona Server -MySQL Gelara

would you tell me what is the difference of these? And which one is the best for my situation?

These are my needs: 1- I have 3 Geographically distributed servers which I want to sync them.

2- I want to use InnoDB (Not preferred to use NDB Cluster engine of MySQL Cluster), also I have some in-memory tables, but not that much important to use memory tables, I can switch to InnoDB.

3- I want something hidden to application layer, I want to INSERT/SELECT and etc... like before, without changing my codes.

4- I want something master/master replication or sync or whatever for when each of my master servers goes down no failure happens, Does your package has any node failure detection in it?

Would you suggest me a solution, for example percona? or a package.

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