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extract exif data from pictures: I need the exif data from a lot off pictures

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extract exif data from pictures


by Chris Groesser - 1 year ago (2018-10-26)

I need the exif data from a lot off pictures

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For building a database wich wil be used for searching in images

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  • 1. by Dave Smith - 10 months ago (2018-12-30) Reply

    There is a library that can read and write the exif data. I wrote an API wrapper in PHP a few years ago that can use the library, which I never did anything with. If you are still looking for this, let me know and I will find the code and alter it for just the wrapper.

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    Exif Capture: Extract metadata from picture files in Exif format

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    by Ray Paseur package author package author Reputation 100 - 10 months ago (2019-01-05) Comment

    Metadata is "all over the map" depending on different camera manufacturers and different image editors, but this package will probably get you to the center of gravity.

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