doing all crud operations: doing all crud operations with one class

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doing all crud operations


Picture of Muddathir Samir by Muddathir Samir - 1 year ago (2019-04-08)

doing all crud operations with one class


doing all crud operations with one class like insert , select , delete , update

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MySQL Class Generator: Generate classes to access MySQL as objects


Picture of Saro Carvello by Saro Carvello package author 345 - 1 year ago (2019-05-22) Comment

The utility generates automatically PHP classes for any tables of a given database schema. The package is extracted from my personal PHP Web MVC Framework.

An auto-generated MySQL class provides the following services:

A constructor for managing a fetched table’s row or for adding a new one Management for both single or composite Primary Keys Automatic mapping of the different date formats may occur between application and database Destructor to automatically close database connection Defines a set of attributes corresponding to the table fields Setter and Getter methods for each attribute OO methods for simplifying DML select, insert, update and delete operations A facility for quickly updating a previously fetched row Useful methods to obtain table DDL and the last executed SQL statement Error handling of SQL statements Camel/Pascal case naming convention for Attributes/Class used for mapping Fields/Table Useful PHPDOC information about table, fields and the usage of class, attributes and methods.

Read class docs to by searching rcarvello

Simple CRUD with MySQL 2: Output SQL and CRUD forms based on remoteDB class


Picture of Marco Sillano by Marco Sillano package author 155 - 1 year ago (2019-04-15) Comment

This class allows all CRUD operations. Many callback makes it very customizable. Examples for fast use learning.

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For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.