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AJAX functions to update page elements: I need to be able to use a set of generic AJAX function calls

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AJAX functions to update page elements


by Jon Slack - 14 days ago (2020-05-20)

I need to be able to use a set of generic AJAX function calls

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Most of the AJAX classes here take care of the form generation for you and I don't want that. I have my own forms (company template) that contain fields to be individually edited. I need a set of plug-in AJAX functions (GET RECORD, UPDATE RECORD, CREATE RECORD). I am looking for something that onchange=function() UPDATES the field for the current record, regardless of the fieldname or value and manages the record-retrieval for Next and Previous buttons.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic I have been tasked with migrating Medical Researcher's Access databases to SQL and with Web Front Ends (so they can research from home and access their databases without using RDP). I can do PHP and MySQL - just struggling with AJAX.

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  • 3. by Jon Slack - 11 days ago (2020-05-23) Reply

    Hello, and many thanks for your earlier response. I have had a chance to look it over and, whilst I could find it very useful, it requires the user to submit the form, and I need it to update when the data in the field changes.

    The problem is this: I have a page with several tables, each filled with editable data. When data changes in one table, it has a 'knock on' effect on data in one, two or more of the other tables. I need all of the affected tables to update when the change occurs (user chooses a value, or enters one).

    Is this even possible?

    • 4. by Manuel Lemos - 11 days ago (2020-05-23) in reply to comment 3 by Jon Slack Comment

      Hello Jon,

      Sorry that JavaScript component lacks of proper documentation.

      Since I am the author of that JavaScript component, I can clarify that you can use the JavaScript object loadContent function to communicate with PHP running the server using a regular GET request via AJAX.

      So you can do all you need with loadContent function.

      Just let me know if you need help using that function.

  • 2. by Jon Slack - 12 days ago (2020-05-22) Reply

    Thank you for your response I do appreciate it. I'm far more comfortable with PHP than JavaScript, but will give it a go.

    • 1. by Manuel Lemos - 12 days ago (2020-05-22) Reply

      AJAX in reality is JavaScript. If that is all you need, you may want to try this JavaScript package as it does on the browser side what you need.

      Would you like a solution that would handle AJAX request using PHP?

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