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PHPeclipse - PHP - Code Templates


by Dean Fragnito - 3 years ago (2017-01-28)

Generate DB class, manager and exception file like PHPeclipse

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I havea code base thats makes use of templates files that where generated by PHPeclipse - PHP - Code Templates. I like how these templates work and would like to be bale to generate similiar data base class and manger files form new Tables I am creating. The generated files consist of class file, manager file and exception based on a table


Table salesrep fiields salesrep_id,first_name,last_name,username

class file SalesRep.php (Came Case)

class SalesRep
	private $salesrep_id;
	private $first_name;
	private $last_name;
	private $username;

	// Getters & Setters for the member variables

	// Getter & Setter for salesrep_id
	function getSalesRepId()
		return $this->salesrep_id;

	function setSalesRepId( $value )
		$this->salesrep_id = $value;

	// Getter & Setter for First Name
	function getFirstName()
		return $this->first_name;

	function setFirstName( $value )
		$this->first_name = $value;

	// Getter & Setter for Last Name
	function getLastName()
		return $this->last_name;

	function setLastName( $value )
		$this->last_name = $value;

	// Getter & Setter for Username
	function getUsername()
		return $this->username;

	function setUsername( $value )
		$this->username = $value;

} // class

Manager file SalesRepManager.php (Came Case)



class SalesRepManager {

     function addSalesRep($objSalesRep)
                   generated code inserts fileds into table
             catch(SalesRepException $e)
			throw $e;

       } // addSalesRep

} // class

other functions generated function updateSalesRep($objSalesRep) function deleteSalesRep($salesRepId) function getAllSalesReps() function getAllSalesRepsCount()

Exception file SalesRepException.php class SalesRepException extends Exception {

var $message;
var $errorNo;

function __construct($errorNo='', $message='')
	$this->message = $message;
	$this->errorNo = $errorNo;
} // function __construct()

function exception_handler($exception)
	echo "Uncaught exception: " , $exception->getMessage(), "\n";
} // function exception_handler()

function getErrorMessage()
	return $this->message ;

} // SalesRepException


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1 Recommendation

MySQL Class Generator: Generate classes to access MySQL as objects

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by Saro Carvello package author package author Reputation 320 - 3 years ago (2017-02-28) Comment

This utility generates automatically classes for any tables of a given database schema.

An auto generated PHP class provides the following services for a MySQL table:

  • A constructor for managing a fetched table row or for a adding a new one
  • Management for both single or composite Primary Keys
  • Automatic mapping of the different date formats may occurs between application and database
  • Destructor to automatically close database connection
  • Defines a set of attributes corresponding to the table fields
  • Setter and Getter methods for each attribute
  • OO methods for simplify DML select, insert, update and delete operations
  • A facility for quickly updating a previously fetched row
  • Useful methods to obtain table DDL and the last executed SQL statement
  • Error handling of SQL statements
  • Camel/Pascal case naming convention for Attributes/Class used for mapping Fields/Table
  • Useful PHPDOC information about table, fields and the usage of class, attributes and methods

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For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.