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by Adrian - 2 days ago (2017-03-25) pdf


Store PDF as binary in Database and read it as PDF or HTML 0

by muabshir - 14 days ago (2017-03-13) pdf binery html database

I want to convert PDF file in Binery


by prudhvi kumar - 25 days ago (2017-03-01) contibute html


I need all type of query builder 0

by Taisant Thomas - 26 days ago (2017-02-28) query builder in php

visual query builder to php

Can anyone please suggest me package for RBAC using php mysqli? 0

by 1sttechfirststtech - 27 days ago (2017-02-27) rolled based access control

Can anyone please suggest me package for RBAC using php mysqli.?

Give some proper algorithm 0

by Sagaya Stephen - 28 days ago (2017-02-27) recommendation machine learning

I want to build a recommendation engine using Ai

I need to add chatroom on my site 0

by hanna samuel - 1 month ago (2017-02-23) elu_han

I need info and help

a simple peer to peer chatting application 0

by Subhojit Goswami - 1 month ago (2017-02-20) php p2p chat

want a simple peer to peer chatting application for my website

Merging Algorithm 0

by Ebenezer - 1 month ago (2017-02-16) gh and ph in php

How to merge Users to provide help and get help automatically

Please Give this class 0

by Abdul Hafeez - 1 month ago (2017-02-16) gtranslate

I want to make translator in my website

A trivial data manager based on text files 0

by Guido Gambardella - 1 month ago (2017-02-11) simple db

don't want to use real database

setting css for use on android 0

by fikar - 1 month ago (2017-02-10) php googlemap on android

setting google map php aplication on android