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codigo de barras 0

by jaime ramirez - 5 days ago (2018-12-04) barcode

necesito generar codigo de barras con datos de variables de form

Microssoft Word Reports 0

by KwiClick Cyber Loumge - 6 days ago (2018-12-03) kool report

Create Microsoft Report

get webpage language 0

by Ashish Kohli - 6 days ago (2018-12-03) webpage language

get webpage language.. whether its english or any other

Collect data to save in mySQL database 0

by Serge Grenier - 8 days ago (2018-12-01) facebook

Use API to request posts, then process results and save to mySQL

spinnable reel 0

by George Gu - 26 days ago (2018-11-13) php virtual slot machine

more complete machine image

make pure sha 3 in php 0

by Riyanto Widodo - 1 month ago (2018-11-06) sha 3

i need a formula math of sha 3

Comment and reply system 0

by Margret Norah - 1 month ago (2018-11-04) comment and reply

I need to make a post them have people comment against it and al

MODBUS access protocal quick reffrence guide 0

by Shailender Ahuja - 1 month ago (2018-11-01) modbus

I am looking for MODBUS access protocal quick reffrence guide

Update Securities 0

by Michael O'Grady - 1 month ago (2018-10-31) update securities shares market

Download share prices to update MySql database

render a excel or docx file in browser 0

by Prince ahuja - 1 month ago (2018-10-29) view excel file in browser

render a excel or docx file in browser

extract exif data from pictures 0

by Chris Groesser - 1 month ago (2018-10-26) exif pictures

I need the exif data from a lot off pictures

I need camera for web on my page 0

by Damir Turkovi? - 1 month ago (2018-10-24) php upload photo

I need help with vode for take photo

tree level find 0

by Fazal khan - 1 month ago (2018-10-16) mlm level

my problem is show level of tree and comission

Add Monolog 0

by Filip Štamcar - 2 months ago (2018-10-08) monolog logging

Add Monolog to PHP Classes

We need to export a export database in sql 0

by Peter Consuegra - 2 months ago (2018-09-26) export database in sql

export database in sql

authentication system 0

by Tatenda E Chikandamina - 2 months ago (2018-09-26) log in systems

i need a registration system with a database

General PDO Encapulation Wrapper 0

by Jim Beigel - 2 months ago (2018-09-24) pdo wrapper

I want a PDO db wrapper class to support both MS SQL and MySQL