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Please upload some sugarcrm endpoints included relationship 0

by Sourabh Sharma - 5 days ago (2017-10-19) sugarcrm

I want to reterive the information from module included subpanel

Comapre Images 0

by Zaid Haider - 8 days ago (2017-10-16) image compare

I need a package to comapre images in PHP

PHP for bigginers 0

by Vn Nandakumar - 20 days ago (2017-10-03) php from starting

I want to learn php so that I acan develop my own web site

Video upload script in php5.6 0

by Lata - 22 days ago (2017-10-02) video upload class

I need a video upload script with size limit in PDO or Mysqli

php slideshow 0

by Rodger Fluke - 25 days ago (2017-09-29) slideshow

php slideshow from a list of files and locations within mysql

plugin saml v2 0

by kreops - 1 month ago (2017-09-22) saml

i would like install this package

dbf to postgres 0

by Amilton Mattos - 1 month ago (2017-09-19) dbase memo

migrate dbf files with memo to postgres

Backup & Restore PostgreSQL Database 0

by Chan Enciso - 1 month ago (2017-09-01) postgresql_backup_and_restore

I need to backup every table of my postgresql database.

fatal error: Call to a member function prepare() on a non-object 0

by Steven Paul - 1 month ago (2017-08-31) registration-error

I need to get login registration working

need a simple web based application to store, search, match 0

by Khan Asif Ahmed - 1 month ago (2017-08-30) fingerprints

web based attendance system