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Top rated packages with tag xml array

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        Package-icon 1. PHP Merge XML  
      Supplied by: Vallo Reima <e-mail contact>
      Merge XML sources from strings, files, DOM objects

        Package-icon 2. Easy API  
      Supplied by: Luis Toscano <e-mail contact>
      Handle API calls by mapping requests to functions

        Package-icon 3. PHP DataType class  
      Supplied by: Muhammad Umer Farooq <e-mail contact>
      Convert XML or object to arrays or array to object

        Package-icon 4. PHP Nota Fiscal Serviço de Comunicação Mod. 21 e Telecomunicação Mod. 22  
      Supplied by: Fernando <e-mail contact>
      Generate tax invoice for services in Brazil

        Package-icon 5. LOM  
      Supplied by: Jill Lingoff <e-mail contact>
      Extract information from XML documents

        Package-icon 6. PHP CLDR  
      Supplied by: Payam Naderi <e-mail contact>
      Retrieve locale details from Unicode CLDR files