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2. AJAX Shopping Cart with jQuery and PHP and MySQL Part 2: How to Remove and Add to Cart in PHP code with AJAX using a Simple PHP Checkout Script

Updated on: 2017-04-15

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The first part of this tutorial article covered the importance of shopping carts in sites that sell products and how to make a simple shopping cart that can add products from a database via an AJAX based Web interface.

Read this part of the article to learn how to perform other important operations like removing products or empty the shopping cart and how to proceed to the checkout.

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1. How to Create a Simple Online PHP Shopping Cart Script Tutorial Step by Step Part 1: Add to Cart in PHP Example Source Code with HTML, AJAX, jQuery and MySQL - Demo Script using a Basket stored in Session Variables

Updated on: 2019-10-07

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Many sites need to sell products online. There are many PHP e-commerce platforms but when you need something simple and easy, such platforms may be too much to adapt for your needs.

Read this article to learn how to implement a shopping cart that you can easily customize using PHP and a MySQL database to let your users view and pick the products they want to buy with fast user interface based on AJAX.

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