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Class Days
Manage the execution of multiple parallel tasks
Laravel Instapago

process payments with the Instapago and Laravel
PHP Auto Rotate Image Exif

Rotate images automatically based on orientation
PHP Slack Bot
Robot to automate interactions with Slack users
Portable UTF-8
Manipulate UTF-8 text strings in pure PHP
String Formatter
Template engine to format text strings
CodeIgniter Develbar
CodeIgniter library to show a developer toolbar
PHP Bit String

Manipulate strings of sequences of binary digits
PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
PDO Database Abstraction Layer
Database access wrapper based on PDO

Featured Classes

1. How to Decode MD5 in PHP with the Class PHP MD5 Decrypter
Decrypt MD5 password and hashes with MD5Decryter
2. PHP Reporting Tool Using the Class PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
3. PHP Chat Script with Database using Simple chat
Simple Web and MySQL based chat system
4. PHP date picker class
Generate form input to pick a calendar date
5. PHP Pagination Using Bootstrap
Show pagination of MySQL results for Bootstrap
6. PHP Report Generator
Generate HTML report from MySQL query result data
7. PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
8. Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
9. PHP Push Notification Android and iOS
Send push notifications to Android and iOS devices
10. PHP Detect Country and City
Get the current user location using
11. Simple REST Server
Implement REST based Web services
12. Mobile Verification
Generate a verification code for a mobile number
13. Cripto PHP
Encrypt and decrypt PHP source code files
14. PHP Text to Speech Class
Generate speech audio to say a given text
15. English to Arabic Number
Convert numbers to Arabic representation
16. Bootstrap PHP Comments System
Comments system with replies and like buttons
17. Secure PHP Login System
Register and login users using a database via PDO
18. PHP Video Converter with ffmpeg
Convert videos between formats with ffmpeg program
19. PHP Serial
Communicate with a serial port
20. Barcode Generator
Web interface to generate barcode images
21. YouTube API
Get the video download URL using the YouTube API
22. PHP MySQL to MySQLi
Replace mysql functions using the mysqli extension
23. Basic Excel
Import and export Excel files to XLS, XLSX and CSV
24. PHP Vulnerability Scanner
Scan script files for malicious code
25. PHP OAuth Library
Authorize and access APIs using OAuth
26. phpOCR
Recognize text & objects in graphical images
27. phpCode128
Generating Code 128 bar code images
28. PHP DOC DOCX PDF to Text
Convert DOCX, DOC, PDF to plain text
29. PHP Compare Images Similarity
Compare two images to find if they are similar
30. PHP License Key Generator
Generate and validate license key serial numbers
Convert PDF to HTML using Poppler
". PHP Notification System
Store and retrieve user notifications in MySQL
33. RSA
Encrypt and decrypt data with RSA public keys
34. PHP TreeView
Display a collapsible tree from a MySQL query
REST API server with MySQLi based CRUD operations
36. Quick CSV import
Import CSV data into a MySQL database table
37. QR code generator
Generate QR Code images using Google Chart API
38. AES Cipher
Encrypt and decrypt data with AES in pure PHP
39. HTML to PDF
Convert HTML to PDF using Web services
40. Easy Website Translation Script
Translate pages automatically using jQuery plug-in
41. kmessaging
MySQL based private messaging system
". PDF Text Extractor
Extract text from PDF files
43. PHP PDO database class
Access databases using PDO
44. MySql To Excel
Export data from a MySQL database to Excel files
45. Amazon API Access with PHP and XML
A PHP XML class to access Amazon API they released
46. PDF to image converter using PHP
Convert PDF documents to images using Ghostscript
47. PHP SMS Authentication
Authenticate users once using codes sent via SMS
48. HTML to DOC
Convert HTML into Microsoft Word documents
Generate and validate expirable one time passwords
50. Mac Address
Retrieve the Mac address of a network card

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Featured Recommended Classes

1. mlm dynamic binary tree code in PHP and MySQL
mlm dynamic binary tree
2. I need a PHP class for face matching
Solution to match faces from uploaded pictures
3. Encrypt PHP file and run encrypted file on the browser
Encrypt PHP script file
4. Convert Emoji Charaters
I want to replace Emoji Characters
5. What is the best PHP fingerprint matching class?
Match user fingerprint
6. php code for download files
i want to write code in php to download any type of files
7. What is the best PHP crud class?
How to create CRUD with PHP
8. Keywords search on multiple table fields of a MySQL database
Search two fields of MySQL database for multiple keywords
9. Extract PDF to text and XML
I need to parse a PDF file and convert whole text into XML
10. Google Docs using PHP
Interact with Google Docs
11. What is the best PHP pdf to excel class?
PDF to Excel library converter
12. Very Fast Curl class
The fastest Curl class
13. Create Rest API using PDO
i want to create web API using PDO and json for mobile app
14. What is the best PHP encrypt decrypt classes class?
Secure Encryption and Decryption of classes
15. Schedule SMS in month, day, hours, minutes and seconds
Schedule SMS sending
16. What is the best PHP telnet class?
Automated access to server via telnet
17. What is the best PHP xlsx writer class?
Export to Excel
18. Resume Parser API
Document parse and populate forms and database
19. What is the best PHP class to extract recipients from CSV file?
I need to parse a .csv emails address list and send a message
20. Decaptha OCR Class
Get the text in CAPTCHA images
21. Good backup/restore MySQL
Script to backup and restore databases
22. Google Drive file management
Handle files using Google Drive API
23. What is the best PHP text mining class?
Bayes text mining
24. What is the best PHP ocr class?
I read a TIFF document image to transform into an editable text
24. How to convert MP3 file to a different bitrate?
MP3 bitrate converter
26. Integrate wit ai API
PHP class to integrate wit ai API
27. What is the best PHP pdf to text class?
pdf to text format in php
28. What is the best PHP sqlite synchronize with mysql class?
Synchronize a local sqlite with a MySQL server
29. Dynamic class for CRUD with MySQL database
Form processing to MySQL database storage
30. What is the best PHP blog comment system class?
Need a script or advice for a blog commenting system
31. What is the best PHP porter stemming class?
Good stemming algorithm
32. CSV files
I need to export grid data to a CSV file.
33. What is the best PHP request routing class?
I want to route my PHP HTML templates for easy navigation
33. PDO SQL server connection and execution of stored procedures
want to connect execute sql queries and stored procedures
35. What is the best PHP auto correct spelling class?
I need search class that suggests available keyword in database
35. What is the best PHP detect mobile class?
Detect Mobile Browser
37. Parse Google search results
Get Google results in an array
37. Area of a polygon
How to calculate the area of a polygon?
37. Datepicker compatible with single page AJAX PHP application
PHP date picker that posts date variable to MySQL
40. Vehicle routing problem
Vehicle routing problem using the branch and bound algorithm
41. What is the best PHP mysql pdo connection class?
PDO MySQL Connection and Query
42. What is the best PHP rs232 class?
Get data from rs232 in php for data logger
42. What is the best PHP session wrapper class?
I need PHP session class along with user management
42. What is the best PHP pos printing class?
Print the invoice bill to a POS printer
45. Looking for an ONIX feed parser and generator
Parsing and/or generating ONIX
45. What is the best PHP pdf metadata class?
PDF metadata
47. PHP and Progress Openedge ODBC
I need to interrogate an Openedge database using PHP
47. import data from .xls and .xlsx file to database using PHP
SimpleXLSX class but this class can not import .xls file
49. What is the best PHP barcode class?
barcode 128
49. Google custom search engine using the API
Google Custom Search engine using the API in PHP
49. FLV to MP4 video conversion without quality loss
I need a PHP script for .flv video to .mp4 conversion
49. How to create an image thumbnail during upload a pdf file.
During upload a pdf file how to create an thumbnail image
49. Area of polygon in Google Maps
Calculate the area of polygon drawn in a map

Featured Class Articles

1. How to Create an AJAX and PHP Chat Script with Database - Tutorial to Make a Live Chat Room or a One to One HTML Chat Box in PHP Source Code using MySQL and jQuery
AJAX driven simple chat
2. How to Convert MySQL to MySQLi PHP Code to Upgrade to PHP7 Doing the PHP MySQL MySQLi Migration
3. PHP Secure Login Script 2016 and 2017 - Tutorial for a Complete Login System PHP MySQL with PDO Solution
PHP Secure Login and Registration
4. How to Protect PHP Source Code Free, Open Source and Commercial Solutions - Source Code Protection Software Obfuscator, Encoding to Encrypt and Secure Applications Code
PHP Application Packer
5. How can PHP Generate PDF from HTML Page
Convert HTML to PDF PHP Library
6. PHP Shopping Cart Tutorial Step by Step using MySQL and jQuery Part 1: Add to Cart in PHP Code with AJAX using a Basket stored in Session Variables with Example Script Code
Shopping Cart
7. PHP Screenshot Script to Take a Webpage Screenshot - How to Create a Full Print Screen Snapshot Thumbnail Using the URL of a Website
PHP Ultimate Web Page Capture
8. Process Incoming Email Messages using PHP Script to Receive and Get Read Email Inbox using POP3 and Parse Mail from the Mailbox
POP3 e-mail client
9. 4 Ways to Access an API using OAuth Without User Interaction - OAuth2 Automatic Login with Facebook, Google or Any Other API
PHP OAuth Library
10. PHP Phone Number Validation with Country Code
Free Phone Number Verification in PHP
11. How to Send Message and Interact with PHP Web Site Users using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram Using their Web API with Example
PHP Telegram CLI Wrapper
12. Sending e-mail using SMTP servers of Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo with PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
13. How to Make a Simple AJAX based Shopping Cart using PHP, MySQL and jQuery Part 2: Tutorial to Add a Script for Removing Items and a Checkout Page
Shopping Cart
14. PHP OAuth Tutorial on How to Use a Pure PHP OAuth Class with an Example Without using the PECL module Implementation
PHP OAuth Library
15. Get Real Time Currency Foreign Exchange Rates using a PHP Code Script to Access a Free Forex Data Converter API
PHP Exchange Rate API
16. How to Read Your Inbox Retrieving Email Messages using PHP from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo via POP3
POP3 e-mail client
17. The Fastest Ways to Deliver Email in PHP
MIME E-mail message sending
18. How to Implement Bayesian Sentiment Analysis Project Using PHP Part 1: N-gram based Text Analysis Solution with Source Code
PHP Sentiment Analyzer
19. Extract Text from PDF using PHP - How Can PHP Extract Images from PDF File Data and Search PDF Content using PHP PDFToText Class
PHP PDF to Text
20. Encrypt form data without SSL in PHP
PHP Form Encryption