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Featured Classes

1. How can PHP Read Excel File xlsx format using Simple XLSX
Parse and retrieve data from Excel XLS files
2. How can PHP Extract Text from PDF using PHP PDF to Text
Extract text contents from PDF files
3. PHP Report
Generate Excel, HTML, PDF reports from data arrays
4. PHP Telegram Bot
Send and receive messages to Telegram users
5. How to Decode MD5 in PHP with the Class PHP MD5 Decrypter
Decrypt MD5 password and hashes with MD5Decryter
6. PHP JSON Query
Query JSON data to find and extract information
7. PHP Malware Scanner Free Tool
Scan PHP files to find malicious code
8. PHP Serial
Communicate with a serial port
9. PHP Chat Script with Database using Simple chat
Simple Web and MySQL based chat system
10. PHP MySQL Report Generator
Generate HTML report from MySQL query result data
11. PHP OAuth Library
Authorize and access APIs using OAuth
12. PHP HTML Excel
Convert HTML to Excel spreadsheets
13. PHP PDO database class
Access databases using PDO
14. Number to Word (currency)
Spell Nigeria currency amounts in English
15. PHP License Key Generator
Generate and validate license key serial numbers
16. PHP Video Converter with ffmpeg
Convert videos between formats with ffmpeg program
17. PHP Detect Country and City
Get the current user location using
Convert PDF to HTML using Poppler
19. Download ZIP from URL
Download and extract a zip file from a remote site
20. PHP Async Task
Execute asynchronous tasks in the background
21. RSA
Encrypt and decrypt data with RSA public keys
22. PHP Youtube to MP3 Converter
Download YouTube videos in MP3 audio format
23. Add multiple languages to a Web
Add multiple languages to a Web site very easy.
Generate classes to send SOAP requests from a WSDL
25. PHP MySQL Database Synchronize
Synchronize MySQL databases tables between servers
26. Instagram API integration with PHP
Access an Instagram user account with its API
27. PHP Session Count Online Users
Get the number of users that are online in a site
28. English to Arabic Number
Convert numbers to Arabic representation
29. PHP MySQL Quiz class
Manage questions and user answers stored in MySQL
30. Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
31. PHP Media File Info
Extract metadata from audio and video files
32. TAD
Communicate with ZK time and attendance devices
33. PHP Elastic Search for MySQL
Index and search MySQL records with Elastic Search
34. PHP MLM Binary Tree
Build multi-level marketing tree from member forms
35. PHP Convert Excel to JSON
Convert data from Excel spreadsheet to JSON format
36. Parent child tree with unlimited levels
Retrieve child elements from MySQL parent records
37. Symfony Task bundle
Schedule task using cron with Symfony
38. Easy Logging
Log activity to a database
39. PHP Minify JS, CSS, PHP and HTML
Reduce the size of source files in PHP, CSS or JS
40. Dynamic Pagination in PHP with MySQL Example with PHP Pagination Bootstrap
Show pagination of MySQL results for Bootstrap

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2. Secure PHP Login Script 2019 - Tutorial for a Complete Secure PHP Login System using MySQL with PDO Solution and a PHP Login Form to Set a PHP Login Session
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3. PHP Chat System Tutorial on How to Create an AJAX and PHP Chat Application - Make a Live Chat Room or a One to One Chat Box in PHP Source Code using MySQL and jQuery
AJAX driven simple chat
4. How to Protect PHP Source Code Free, Open Source and Commercial Solutions - Source Code Protection Software Obfuscator, Encoding to Encrypt and Secure Applications Code
PHP Application Packer
5. How Can PHP Read PDF File Content and Extract Text from PDF using PHP - How Can PHP Extract Image from PDF and Search PDF Content using PHP PDFToText Class
PHP PDF to Text
6. How to Use Termux Tutorial Running PHP Web Server or CLI with Termux PHP App to Control an Android Phone or Tablet
PHP Termux API
7. How to Create a Simple Online PHP Shopping Cart Script Tutorial Step by Step Part 1: Add to Cart in PHP Example Source Code with HTML, AJAX, jQuery and MySQL - Demo Script using a Basket stored in Session Variables
Shopping Cart
8. 4 Ways to Access an API using OAuth Without User Interaction - OAuth2 Automatic Login with Facebook, Google or Any Other API
PHP OAuth Library
9. How can PHP Generate PDF from HTML Page
Convert HTML to PDF PHP Library
10. PHP Phone Number Validation with Country Code
Free Phone Number Verification in PHP
11. PHP Screenshot Script to Take a Webpage Screenshot - How to Create a Full Print Screen Snapshot Thumbnail Using the URL of a Website
PHP Ultimate Web Page Capture
12. Simple Tutorial on using MySQL with PDO that works with PHP 7
PHP PDO database class
13. Free PHP Currency Conversion API Script with Source Code to Get Forex Exchange Rates
PHP Exchange Rate API
14. How Can PHP Read Email Inbox for Inbound Mail Processing and Have PHP Process Incoming Email
POP3 e-mail client
15. How to Implement a Year 2038 Problem Fix in PHP Applications that Are Using Unix Timestamps
Incredible Timestamp
16. PHP OAuth Tutorial on How to Use a Pure PHP OAuth Class with an Example Without using the PECL module Implementation
PHP OAuth Library
17. Fast PHP Mass Mail Script Smart Optimizations for a PHP Bulk Email Script
MIME E-mail message sending
18. Encrypt Post Data PHP Solution without SSL - How to Encrypt Form Data Before Submit
PHP Form Encryption
19. AJAX Shopping Cart with jQuery and PHP and MySQL Part 2: How to Remove and Add to Cart in PHP code with AJAX using a Simple PHP Checkout Script
Shopping Cart
20. The Fastest Ways to Deliver Email in PHP
MIME E-mail message sending


Latest classes

Class Days
PHP AIO Security Class
Filter untrusted data to prevent security issues
PHP Voice Recognition Inputs
Generate form inputs to allow user voice control
PHP Language Info
Get information about a language
Detect the gender of name in Cyrillic script
Gender Universal
Detect person gender name in multiple languages