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1038. How to Create a PHP Ebook Library Manager for Handling Collections of Ebooks on the Web

Ebooks are a modern version of printed books. They provide convenience to readers that want to keep many books without occupying so much space in their shelves. Ebooks also provide an easy way to access the book contents with the knowledge or the stories that people may want to read or to review again anytime they.

If you have a big personal collection of ebooks or you have a site that provides many ebooks to your users, a more dedicated ebook management system may be useful to you.

A good Ebook library manager like the one presented in this tutorial article will let you upload and add new ebooks of many formats, store details about those ebooks in a database, serve those ebooks for viewing and downloading their files in a way that is friendly for mobile phone or tablet users.

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1037. How Can PHP Recognize Voices in Audio

Voice recognition can be one form to identify a person authorized to access a system restricted to a given group of people.

A Web application written in PHP can take an audio sample uploaded the Web server and use a voice recognition API like for instance Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services API to register the audio sample and associate it to a given person.

The same API can analyze a new audio sample with a user voice to tell if it is of a person that the recognition system is able to already identify as being of the real person with that voice.

This article and the video tutorial that is presented here gives more details of how to implement this approach in practice in PHP.

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1036. How to Create a PHP Random GUID Generator to Use in Scalable Web Applications

Scalable Web applications need to handle a large number of HTTP requests at the same time.

Therefore, they may use multiple servers to still respond to many Web requests very quickly.

Read this article and watch a short video that is included to learn how use a good GUID generator to handle better the accesses of many users using multiple Web servers and storing database records in database servers that may be running in different machines.

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986. How to Learn More about PHP Online for Free in 2020 While You Wait for Your Next Job

Sometimes PHP developers have some free time that they could use to do something useful.

One of the best ways to use that time is to learn new things so you can become an even better developer.

Read this article to learn more about some nice resources that you can use to learn for free more about PHP and related topics either in English, Portuguese and many other languages.

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948. How to Add Email Functionality to Your PHP App

PHP provides a quite poor functionality for building and sending emails. Its built-in mail function () doesn't support SMTP authentication and this way works well just for simple messaging.

How do you send branded email notifications, confirmation, and even newsletters from your PHP app then?

There are three the most popular and reliable external packages: PHPMailer, Pear Mail, and Swift Mailer. Read this article to learn more about these solutions, their capabilities and with code examples.

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896. 5 Common Laravel Request Errors Which Aunt New PHP Developers

Errors and exceptions are integral parts of software development.

Good developers should be ready to handle them in the best possible way to minimize the harm that the errors may cause to the application users and providers

Read this article to learn about the most common mistakes committed by less experienced developers and how can you fix them.

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876. What is Laravel Dependency Management?

As many of us know, Laravel is a popular framework used for developing PHP applications.

Laravel is itself a package of packages, hence to develop our projects smoothly among the team members, dependency management is a must and composer does its work under the hood, silently but efficiently.

Read this article to learn how dependency management works in Laravel, so you can also take good advantage of it.

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864. How to Create a Ms Word Document using PHP in 2019 Very Quickly

Many PHP applications need to generate word processing documents in Microsoft Word format so they can be served to the application users in a way that their browser can make it opens in the Microsoft Word program.

Fortunately, nowadays this is very simple. Read this article to learn how to can do it with a few lines of PHP code.

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848. Evaluating Four Popular PHP Frameworks in 2019

Many PHP developers use popular PHP frameworks to accelerate the development of their PHP projects.

Read this article to learn more about some of the most popular PHP frameworks and relevant features that they provide to benefit your PHP applications, so you can have useful criteria to evaluate which one is the best for you.

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829. PHP Yield vs Return: Do You Know PHP Functions Can Return Values Like the Yield Statement

Since the concept of generator has been introduced in PHP 5.5, PHP developers can use the yield keyword in a way that looks much like a return statement, except that instead of stopping execution of the function and returning once only one value or array, yield instead generates a new value that is returned to the calling code each time it is needed.

Read this article to learn how to simulate this behavior using the "return" statement.

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