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1. Error and Exception Logging in PHP

Blog: Error Logging package blog
Package: Error Logging

How to catch and log errors and exception in PHP

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3. Moving OAuth Server Configuration to Separate Files

Blog: PHP OAuth Library package blog
Package: PHP OAuth Library

As the OAuth class supports more and more servers, it is because too large, moving the server configuration to separate files is necessary to keep the class more maintainable.

Read this article to learn how you can help to decide how the class will evolve in the future without breaking the applications that use it.

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1. Showing the Diff between Two Strings and Patch one to get the Other in PHP and JavaScript

Blog: PHP Text Diff Highlight class package blog
Package: PHP Text Diff Highlight class

The Text Diff Highlight class is the PHP counterpart of a JavaScript object named JS Diff Viewer that can compare two text strings and extract the list of differences between them.

Now these classes can also take the initial string and rebuild the final string applying the previously extracted list of differences.

Read this article to learn how to use these classes to show the diff between strings and apply the list of differences patch.

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1. Using Composer to Install JavaScript, CSS and Images Under the Web Document Directory

Blog: PHP Composer Asset Manager package blog
Package: PHP Composer Asset Manager

By default Composer installs all package files under the vendor directory. If you want to install asset files in the Web document root directory, you need to resort to another solution.

This Asset Manager package is a plugin that extends Composer to install any package files outside the vendor directory.

Additionally, it can also read the user names and passwords from a configuration file, so you do not have to enter them every time Composer retrieves packages from repositories that may require authentication, like PHP Classes and JS Classes.

Read this article now to learn how to take advantage of these features of this Composer plugin.

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1. Apk Parser Needs Contributors.

Blog: Apk Parser package blog
Package: Apk Parser

Apk Parser is a pure php library to read some information from Android .apk files. Has some issues and need some enhancements for next versions. If you want to contribute this project read this blogpost

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3. PDO4You 4.1

Blog: PDO4You package blog
Package: PDO4You

Added support to Composer

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2. New Version Available

Blog: PHP Debugger and Logger package blog
Package: PHP Debugger and Logger

A new version of the debugger and logger class has been released with major changes and fixes.

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3. Fast PHP Mass Mail Script Smart Optimizations for a PHP Bulk Email Script

Blog: MIME E-mail message sending package blog
Package: MIME E-mail message sending

Sending email messages to many recipients is an heavy duty task. But using smart optimizations it is possible to send messages to millions of users in a reasonable amount of time from your own PHP server without consuming too much resources.

Read this article to learn how the MIME E-mail message sending class takes advantages to efficiently send personalized messages to many recipients.

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1. PHP Statistics Library using Al-Kashi PHP Statistical Analysis Functions

Blog: Al-Kashi package blog
Package: Al-Kashi

Al-Kashi is a project that aims to provide a rich PHP package full of useful statistical functions for online business intelligent and data mining.

Read this article to learn more about this PHP package and examples of its application.

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1. Wordpress Plugin Available

Blog: PHP Debugger and Logger package blog
Package: PHP Debugger and Logger

A wordpress Plugin is also available for this class.

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