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File: mp3split.php
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Description: Example file for using CMP3Split
Class: CMP3Split
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// Syntax: CMP3Split($cInputFile, $iInputFileLength, $cOutputFile, $iStartTime, $iMode)
// Hints:  
// 				Object Creation:
// 				$cInputFile is your MP3 File you want to split
//				$iInputFileLength is the Length in Sec. of your MP3File you want to split
//				$cOutputFile is the Filename of the new (splitted) MP3 File which will be created
//				$iStarttime is the starttime in Sec. where your $cInputFile will be splitted (Splitpoint)
//				$iMode (0 or 1) decides which portion of your splitted mp3 file will be saved.
//					If you set $iMode=0, you'll get an MP3 File with the content of your $cInputFile
//					BEFORE the specified splitpoint. If $iMode=1, the new created MP3File ($cOutputFile)
//					will be the content of the $cInputFile AFTER the Splitpoint ($iStartTime)	
//				Methods:
//				There is only one method you'll have to use:
//				$oMyObject->Generate() will do the work for you
//				Error handling:
//				If there are some errors, look at the error var.
//				$oMyObject->cError
// 				Attention:
// 				- The error handling is not the best, so be careful with your $cInputFile.
// 					Dealing with a not existing $cInputFile will result in a division by zero!
// 				- Of course this class works only with MP3 Files without an variable bitrate

// Example:
$oSplit=new CMP3Split("input.mp3",243,"output.mp3",10,1);
echo $oSplit->cError;

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