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File: src/Cabin/Bridge/View/cargo/bridge_pages_dir_delete.twig

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File: src/Cabin/Bridge/View/cargo/bridge_pages_dir_delete.twig
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: CMS Airship
Content management system with security features
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Date: 7 years ago
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<h2>{{ __("Are you sure you want to delete this directory?") }}</h2> <pre>{{ cabin_url(cabin) ~ (parent ? parent ~ "/" ~ dir : dir) }}</pre> <form method="post">{{ form_token() }} <fieldset> <legend> <input type="checkbox" name="move_contents" value="1" id="move_contents" checked="checked" /> <label for="move_contents"> {{ __("Move contents to another directory?") }} </label> </legend> <p class="nomargin">{{ __( "If you uncheck the above box, the default behavior is to delete everything contained within." ) }}</p> <label for="destination">{{ __("Destination:") }}</label> <select id="destination" name="move_destination"> <option value=""></option> {% for cab in cabins %} <option class="depth0" data-cabin="{{ cab|e('html_attr') }}" value="{{ cab|e('html_attr') }}" >{{ cab }}</option> {% for subdir in custom_dir_tree[cab] %} {{ cdir.dirTree( subdir, cab, cab, 1 ) }} {% endfor %} {% endfor %} </select><br /> <input type="checkbox" name="create_redirect" value="1" id="create_redirect" /> <label for="create_redirect"> {{ __("Create redirects from the old URL to the new URL for all contents?") }} </label> </fieldset> <label>{{ __("Please verify that you are human") }}:</label> <div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="{{ config.recaptcha["site-key"]|e('html_attr') }}"></div> <hr /> <button type="submit" name="delete_btn" value="confirm" class="pure-button pure-button-secondary"> {{ __("Delete Directory") }} </button> <a class="pure-button pure-button-tertiary" href="{{ cabin_url() ~ "pages/" ~ cabin|e('url') ~ "?dir=" ~ parent|e('url') }}" id="cancel_btn" type="button" > {{ __("Cancel") }} </a> </form>