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Using Barge

After you've installed barge and created a Supplier account, you need to login to use it effectively.

Run this command:

barge login

You will be prompted for your username and passphrase.

Your First Run - Generating your First Keys

All CMS Airship extensions must be cryptographically signed by their supplier. Thus, the first thing you should do once logged in is create your first two keys.

Run this command:

barge key generate

You will be asked if you want to store a part of your key (called the "salt") in the Skyport? We recommend "No", but if you prefer convenience, this will allow us to maintain a partial backup of your key (that can only be used with your password-- which we will never know).

The first time you run this command, you will generate a master key. There are two kinds of keys that can be created:

  • Signing keys are used to sign your extensions.
  • Master keys are used to create/revoke new keys.

You should take extra precautions with handling your master key. Anyone who obtains a copy of it will be able to revoke your keys and replace them with their own.

Once you have your master key, the next step is to generate your first signing key. Run the above command again:

barge key generate

This time, you will be prompted for which type of key you wish to generate. You can just type s for signing keys.

Additionally, after you enter your passphrase for the new signing key, you will be prompted for the passphrase for your existing master key. This is because new signing keys must be signed by an existing master key.

The only time a key can be generated or revoked without being signed by a master key is when you create your very first one for your account.

At this point, you should have:

  • A supplier account
  • A copy of `barge` installed
  • One master key
  • One signing key

Now you are ready to begin CMS Airship extension development.