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File: 24ur.com_weather.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Fetches weather data from
Class: DynFetcher
Extract information from Web pages using SimpleXML
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Date: 13 years ago
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require 'DynFetcher.class.php';

$URL = '';

// XPath expression of items
$itemXPath = '/html/body/table[2]/tr/td/table/tr/td[2]/table/tr/td[2]/div/table/tr/td[a]';

// Associative array, where key is name of data and value is associative array with the following keys:
// -xpath (required): XPath expression of data, relative from item
// -required: true or false
// -process: PHP code, for additional processing of data
// data is passed as $data variable by reference
// if code returns false data is skipped
$itemData = array(
'day' => array('xpath' => 'span[@class="vreme_dan"]', 'required' => true),
'tempText' => array('xpath' => 'a/img/@alt', 'required' => true),
'img' => array('xpath' => 'a/img/@src', 'process' => '$data = "" . $data;'),

// PHP code, for additionl processing of item after all items have been processed
// item is passes as $item variable by reference
// if code returns false item is skipped
$itemProcessFunction = '
    $tempText = explode(" - ", $item["tempText"]);
    $item["min"] = $tempText[0];
    $item["max"] = $tempText[1];
    // return false; // skip item

header('Content-type: text/plain');

$dyn = new DynFetcher($URL);

var_dump($dyn->find($itemXPath, $itemData, $itemProcessFunction));


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