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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP REST Client Framework Control
Testing and validating REST services
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  • [\#3 [ExpressionLanguage] lessThan helper](
  • "EachItems" expression language helper
  • [\#4 [ExpressionLanguage] moreThan helper](
  • Add global helpers functions
  • Add before and after tests suite events
  • \#18 Before and after testCases group
  • [\#16 [RequestHelper] HTTP basic authentication](
  • [\#14 [RequestHelper] helper connect](
  • [\#13 [RequestHelper] helper trace](
  • [\#12 [RequestHelper] helper options](
  • [\#11 [RequestHelper] helper purge](
  • [\#10 [RequestHelper] helper delete](
  • [\#9 [RequestHelper] helper patch](
  • [\#8 [RequestHelper] helper put](
  • [\#7 [RequestHelper] helper head](
  • [\#5 [ResponseFilters] httpCode helper](



  • Posibility to validate list of items in response filters
  • Implementation of jsonPath in jsonPath helper
  • Implementation of jsonPath in hasItem and hasItems filters
  • Fix test tags
  • Mock api client
  • Mockable server responses
  • Array validator adapter


* Simple statistic collector for TestCase * HasItem response filter and response items definition * Implementations of validation adapters(date, email, float, hostname, iban, int, ip, isbn, length, notEmpty, numeric, regex, string, uri, uuid) * New layout of run tests command ouput * Fixes for CI scripts * Add statistics in run tests command summary * More examples with different response filters * Remove multidirections in tests loader * Use default namespace in create test command * Add optional jsonPath in hasItem response filter * Fix problem with autoload custom response filters


* Base structure for RestControl application * RestControl-Console application * Run all tests * Creaing TestCase from command line * Set of basic response filters(header, json, jsonPath) * Set of basic expression language(endsWith, equalsTo, startsWith) * PSR class loader for TestCases * HTTP Api client for sending rest requests

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