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File: crudClass3.php

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File: crudClass3.php
Role: Class source
Content type: text/plain
Description: new version master->detail
Class: Simple CRUD with MySQL 2
Output SQL and CRUD forms based on remoteDB class
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Last change: minor changes
Date: 5 years ago
Size: 12,330 bytes


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<?php /* crudClass2 is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. crudClass is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA */ /** * Author: Mahbub (2016-05-09) * Author URI: * from: * * modified by m.sillano (08/08/2017) for use with remoteDB ( * - use of remoteDB/irp_commonSQL.php for unified DB access (requires remoteDB/irp_config.php) * - added $this->index array to store one or more PK names (in place of one pre-defined PK='id') * - added get_where(), get_hidden($record) to handle multiple PKs * - added optional hook and callback to customize the CRUD page: * 1) special input fields: select, radio... (crud_get_input) * 2) special edit fields: select, radio... (crud_get_edit) * 3) special show fields: links, references... (crud_get_show) * 4) more actions in table (crud_action_hook) * - added 3 static utility: make_select, make_radio and make_checkbox for input/edit fields * - added CONFIRM to delete * - added $extrasql parameter to renderVertically(), * to extend the basic sql: "SELECT * FROM ".$this->table * - cosmetic minor variations, use of css file (in: remoteDB/css/style.css) * - if a field name is equal to a mySQL reserved name, the use of (`) for fields is mandatory. * * As examples of the use of modified crudClass see: sources crud_irp_xxxxxxxx.php in remoteDBdiscovery * ( */ $d = dirname(__FILE__); require_once ("$d/irp_commonSQL.php"); class crudClass { /* * @var $table string : table name */ public $table; /* * @var $raw_fields string : columns name (no pk)) */ public $raw_fields; /* * @var $fields array : columns name array */ public $fields = array(); /* * @var $index array : all PK names */ public $index= array(); /* * modified: added $pk primary keys list, and $this->index array * Rules: * if PK is only one field and it is autoincrement: NO PK in fields list, YES PK in $pk * if PK is only one field and not autoincrement: YES PK in fields list, YES PK in $pk * if PK is more than one field (not autoincrement): YES all PKs in fields list, YES all PKs in $pk list as 'pk1,pk2...' * note: $fields can be partial, you can omit fields with mySQL defaults or NULL */ public function __construct($table, $fields, $pk){ $this->table = $table; $this->raw_fields = $fields; $this->fields = explode(',', $fields); $this->index = explode(',', $pk); // added } // new: static utility, generates code for HTML select, to be used in callback // the $sql query must generate a list of (keys, values). Optional $selected is a key or a value. public static function make_select($field, $sql, $selected = NULL){ $code = "$field: <select name='$field'>"; $code .= optionsList($sql, $selected); $code .= '</select><br>'; return ($code); } // new: static utility, generates code for HTML select, to be used in callback // the $optionlist is a string list of values == keys. Optional $selected is a value. public static function make_select4list($field, $optionlist, $selected = NULL){ $code = "$field: <select name='$field'>"; $options = explode(',', $optionlist); foreach($options as $value){ $code .= "<option value='$value' ".(($selected == $value)?'selected = "selected" ':'').">$value</option>\n"; } $code .= '</select><br>'; return ($code); } // new: static utility, generates code for HTML radio, to be used in callback // the $optionlist is a string list of values. Optional $checked is a value. public static function make_radio($field, $optionlist, $checked = NULL){ $options = explode(',', $optionlist); $code = "$field: &nbsp;"; foreach($options as $radio){ $code .= "<input type='radio' name='$field' ".(($checked == $radio)?"checked='true' ":"")."value ='$radio'/> $radio &nbsp;&nbsp;"; } return ($code."<br>"); } // new: static utility, generates code for HTML checkbox, to be used in callback // the $sql query must generate a list of (keys, values). $checked is an array of values or true or false. public static function make_checkbox($field, $sql, $checked = false){ return checkList($sql, $field, $checked)."<br>"; } // new: all hidden fields required by get_where() (values from $record) private function get_hidden($record){ $hidden=''; foreach($this->index as $pk){ $hidden .= "<input type='hidden' name='$pk' value='".$record[$pk]."' />"; } return $hidden; } // new: makes a WHERE string to select one record, single or multiple PK (values on _POST) for read() private function get_where(){ $update_where = array(); foreach($this->index as $pk){ $update_where[] = "`$pk`='".$_POST[$pk]."'"; } return "WHERE ".implode(" AND ", $update_where); } // new: true if $field is PK (if it is in $this->index) public function isPK($field){ return in_array( $field, $this->index); } /* * create function is used to create new record using only fields in $fields * modified: NULL in case of '', to use mySQL defaults * */ public function create(){ $post_fields = array(); foreach($this->fields as $field){ $post_fields[] = (((!isset($_POST[$field] )) || $_POST[$field] == '')?'NULL':"'".$_POST[$field]."'"); } $ifields = implode("`,`",$this->fields); $new_fields = $post_fields; if (function_exists('before_create')){ $new_fields = before_create($post_fields); } $values = implode(",", $new_fields);// Form Post values to Insert $create_sql = "INSERT into `".$this->table."` (`".$ifields."`) VALUES ($values)"; return $create_sql; } /* * read function is used to read rows of the table * additionally it takes WHERE clause value as $where variable * */ public function read($where = ''){ $read_sql = "SELECT * FROM `".$this->table."` ".$where; return $read_sql; } /* * update function is used to update a row * modified: NULL in case of '', to use mySQL defaults * */ public function update(){ $update_array = array(); foreach($this->fields as $field){ $update_array[] = "`$field` = ".(((!isset($_POST[$field] )) || $_POST[$field] == '')?'NULL':"'".$_POST[$field]."'"); } $new_update = $update_array; if (function_exists('before_update')){ $new_update = before_update($update_array); } $values = implode(", ", $new_update);// Form Post values to update $update_sql = "UPDATE `".$this->table."` SET $values ". self::get_where()." LIMIT 1"; return $update_sql; } /* * delete function is used to delete a row * */ public function delete(){ $delete_sql = "DELETE FROM `".$this->table."` ". self::get_where()." LIMIT 1"; return $delete_sql; } /* * create_form function is used to develop a form for NEW record according to given attributes * modified: added optional crud_get_input() function to format special inputs * */ public function create_form(){ $form = '<form method="post" action="crud_'.$this->table.'.php">'; foreach($this->fields as $field){ if (function_exists('crud_get_input') && ( $user = call_user_func('crud_get_input', $field))) $form .= $user; else // default $form .= "$field: <input type='text' name='$field' /><br>"; } $form .= '<hr><input type="submit" name="submit" value="NEW RECORD"/> </form>'; return $form; } /* * renderVertically function is used to show records in table * modified: added optional crud_get_show() function to format special fields * modified: added optional crud_action_hook() function to add more action buttons * modified: added 'confirm popup' to delete button * modified: added optional $extrasql (extends the basic sql: "SELECT * FROM ".$this->table ) * */ public function renderVertically($extrasql = ''){ $result = sqlArrayTot(self::read($extrasql)); $render = '<table align="center" >'; $render .= '<tr>'; foreach($this->fields as $field){ $render .= '<th>'.$field.'</th>'; // cosmetic modifications: td changed in th, removed ucfirst } $render .='<th><i>action</th></i></tr>'; foreach($result as $record){ $render .= '<tr>'; foreach($this->fields as $field){ if (function_exists('crud_get_show')&& ( $user = call_user_func('crud_get_show', $field, $record[$field]))) $render .= '<td>'.$user.'</td>'; else // standard $render .= '<td>'.$record[$field].'</td>'; } $render .= '<td><table><tr><td><form method="post" action="crud_'.$this->table.'.php" >'; $render .= self::get_hidden($record); // pk data $render .= '<input type="submit" style="width:70;" name="edit" value="EDIT"/>'; $render .= '<input type="submit" style="width:70;" name="delete" value="DELETE" onclick="return confirm(\'WARNING: not safe delete!\nAre you sure?\');" />'; $render .= '</form></td>'; if (function_exists('crud_action_hook')) // this hook is for special actions on record. $render .= '<td>'.call_user_func('crud_action_hook',$record).'</td>'; //see crud_irp_devrem.php $render .= '</tr></table></td>'; $render .='</tr>'; } $render .='</table>'; return $render; } /* * renderEditor function is used to make the row edit form * modified: added optional crud_get_edit() function to format special fields * modified to handle more than one PK * note: if field is PK, the input is disabled (but added as hidden): user can't edit PK * */ public function renderEditor(){ $record = sqlRecord(self::read(self::get_where())); $render = ''; $render .= '<form method="post" action="crud_'.$this->table.'.php">'; $addhidden = true; foreach($this->fields as $field){ if (function_exists('crud_get_edit') && ( $user = call_user_func('crud_get_edit', $field, $record[$field]))) $render .= $user; else //default: htmlspecialchars to allow (") in values, PKs disabled (no edit) $render .= $field.': <input type="text" name="'.$field.'" value="'.htmlspecialchars( $record[$field]).'"'.(self::isPK($field)?' disabled ':'').'/><br>'; } $render .= self::get_hidden($record); // adds, hidden PKs fields to select record $render .= '<hr><input type="submit" name="update" value="UPDATE"/>'; $render .= '</form>'; return $render; } }