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File: springy/CreditCardValidation/
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Springy
Microframework for Web application development
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 * Credit Card Validation Solution, PHP Edition,
 * English language error messages.
 * @package    CreditCardValidationSolution
 * @author     Daniel Convissor <>
 * @copyright  The Analysis and Solutions Company, 2002-2006
 * @version    $Name: rel-5-14 $ $Id:,v 1.3 2006/03/18 17:31:31 danielc Exp $
 * @link

/** */
$CCVSErrNumberString = 'Number isn\'t a string';
$CCVSErrVisa14       = 'Visa usually has 16 or 13 digits, but you entered 14';
$CCVSErrUnknown      = 'First four digits, %s, indicate unknown card type';
$CCVSErrAccepted     = 'Programmer improperly used the Accepted argument';
$CCVSErrNoAccept     = 'We don\'t accept %s cards';
$CCVSErrShort        = 'Number is missing %s digit(s)';
$CCVSErrLong         = 'Number has %s too many digit(s)';
$CCVSErrChecksum     = 'Number failed checksum test';
$CCVSErrMonthString  = 'Month isn\'t a string';
$CCVSErrMonthFormat  = 'Month has invalid format';
$CCVSErrYearString   = 'Year isn\'t a string';
$CCVSErrYearFormat   = 'Year has invalid format';
$CCVSErrExpired      = 'Card has expired';

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