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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Springy
Microframework for Web application development
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sysconf.php - The main application configuration file


The sysconf.php file is the general configuration script for the application.


This script sets a global variable named SYSTEM defined by $GLOBALS['SYSTEM'].

The SYSTEM variable is an array with the following structure of indexes:

  • 'SYSTEM_NAME' - A string with the name of the application;
  • 'SYSTEM_VERSION' - The application version. A string or an array with 3 indexes of the version: major, minor and release. Example: `[1, 0, 0]`
  • 'PROJECT_CODE_NAME' - A string with application code name.
  • 'CHARSET' - System charset. Example: 'UTF-8'
  • 'TIMEZONE' - System time zone.
  • 'ACTIVE_ENVIRONMENT' - A string with the active environment name. Example: 'development'. If empty the framework will define the environment using the host of the URI or the environment variable defined by 'ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE'.
  • 'ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE' - Defines the name of the environment variable to sets the application environment. Used when 'ACTIVE_ENVIRONMENT' is empty and the system fails to determines the environment by URI.
  • 'CONSIDER_PORT_NUMBER' - Defines that the port number must be used when environment is defined by URI.
  • 'ENVIRONMENT_ALIAS' - An array with a key pair where the key is a regular expression to search the host and the value is the environment.
  • 'ROOT_PATH' - The web server virtual host root path.
  • 'PROJECT_PATH' - The application root directory.
  • 'SPRINGY_PATH' - The framework library path.
  • 'CONFIG_PATH' - Configuration system path.
  • 'APP_PATH' - The application path.
  • 'CONTROLER_PATH' - Application controllers path.
  • 'CLASS_PATH' - Application classes path.
  • 'VAR_PATH' - The var path where the application will save temporary and cache files.
  • 'MIGRATION_PATH' - Path for the folder of the scripts with database struture changes.
  • 'VENDOR_PATH' - Path for the thirdy part components.

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