File: src/voku/helper/data/xbc.php

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File: src/voku/helper/data/xbc.php
Role: Auxiliary script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary script
Class: portable ascii
Manipulate text strings without special extensions
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Date: 1 year ago
Size: 2,219 bytes


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return [
'mil', 'milg', 'milm', 'milb', 'mils', 'milt', 'milp', 'milh', 'mim', 'mib', 'mibs', 'mis', 'miss', 'ming', 'mij', 'mic',
'mik', 'mit', 'mip', 'mih', 'ba', 'bag', 'bagg', 'bags', 'ban', 'banj', 'banh', 'bad', 'bal', 'balg', 'balm', 'balb',
'bals', 'balt', 'balp', 'balh', 'bam', 'bab', 'babs', 'bas', 'bass', 'bang', 'baj', 'bac', 'bak', 'bat', 'bap', 'bah',
'bae', 'baeg', 'baegg', 'baegs', 'baen', 'baenj', 'baenh', 'baed', 'bael', 'baelg', 'baelm', 'baelb', 'baels', 'baelt', 'baelp', 'baelh',
'baem', 'baeb', 'baebs', 'baes', 'baess', 'baeng', 'baej', 'baec', 'baek', 'baet', 'baep', 'baeh', 'bya', 'byag', 'byagg', 'byags',
'byan', 'byanj', 'byanh', 'byad', 'byal', 'byalg', 'byalm', 'byalb', 'byals', 'byalt', 'byalp', 'byalh', 'byam', 'byab', 'byabs', 'byas',
'byass', 'byang', 'byaj', 'byac', 'byak', 'byat', 'byap', 'byah', 'byae', 'byaeg', 'byaegg', 'byaegs', 'byaen', 'byaenj', 'byaenh', 'byaed',
'byael', 'byaelg', 'byaelm', 'byaelb', 'byaels', 'byaelt', 'byaelp', 'byaelh', 'byaem', 'byaeb', 'byaebs', 'byaes', 'byaess', 'byaeng', 'byaej', 'byaec',
'byaek', 'byaet', 'byaep', 'byaeh', 'beo', 'beog', 'beogg', 'beogs', 'beon', 'beonj', 'beonh', 'beod', 'beol', 'beolg', 'beolm', 'beolb',
'beols', 'beolt', 'beolp', 'beolh', 'beom', 'beob', 'beobs', 'beos', 'beoss', 'beong', 'beoj', 'beoc', 'beok', 'beot', 'beop', 'beoh',
'be', 'beg', 'begg', 'begs', 'ben', 'benj', 'benh', 'bed', 'bel', 'belg', 'belm', 'belb', 'bels', 'belt', 'belp', 'belh',
'bem', 'beb', 'bebs', 'bes', 'bess', 'beng', 'bej', 'bec', 'bek', 'bet', 'bep', 'beh', 'byeo', 'byeog', 'byeogg', 'byeogs',
'byeon', 'byeonj', 'byeonh', 'byeod', 'byeol', 'byeolg', 'byeolm', 'byeolb', 'byeols', 'byeolt', 'byeolp', 'byeolh', 'byeom', 'byeob', 'byeobs', 'byeos',
'byeoss', 'byeong', 'byeoj', 'byeoc', 'byeok', 'byeot', 'byeop', 'byeoh', 'bye', 'byeg', 'byegg', 'byegs', 'byen', 'byenj', 'byenh', 'byed',
'byel', 'byelg', 'byelm', 'byelb', 'byels', 'byelt', 'byelp', 'byelh', 'byem', 'byeb', 'byebs', 'byes', 'byess', 'byeng', 'byej', 'byec',
'byek', 'byet', 'byep', 'byeh', 'bo', 'bog', 'bogg', 'bogs', 'bon', 'bonj', 'bonh', 'bod', 'bol', 'bolg', 'bolm', 'bolb',

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