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File: phpstan.neon
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Simple MySQLi Class
MySQL access abstraction layer using MySQLi
Author: By
Last change: [+]: check for "\Doctrine\DBAL\Driver\Statement" instead of "\Doctrine\DBAL\Statement"

-> issue #45
Merge branch 'master' of

* 'master' of
Update voku/arrayy requirement from ~6.0 to ~6.0 || ~7.0
Date: 8 months ago
Size: 1,220 bytes


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    level: max
        - %currentWorkingDirectory%/src/
    reportUnmatchedIgnoredErrors: false
    checkMissingIterableValueType: false
    checkGenericClassInNonGenericObjectType: false
        - %currentWorkingDirectory%/vendor/*
        - %currentWorkingDirectory%/tests/*
        - %currentWorkingDirectory%/vendor/autoload.php
        # false-positive
        - '/call_user_func_array expects callable/'
        - '/Argument of an invalid type \(array\)\|object supplied for foreach, only iterables are supported\./'
        - '/Argument of an invalid type array\|object supplied for foreach, only iterables are supported\./'
        - '/Method voku\\db\\DB::multi_query\(\) should return/'
        - '/method mysqli_stmt::__construct\(\) expects/'
        - '/Call to an undefined method Doctrine\\DBAL\\Driver\\Statement::getWrappedStatement\(\)\./'
        # ignored errors
        - '/Result of \&\& is always false/'
        - '/Function checkForDev not found/'
        - '/Function mailToAdmin not found/'
        - '/Method voku\\db\\Result::fetchAll\(\) should return array but returns array\|Arrayy\\Arrayy\|Generator\./'

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