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File: ReadMe.txt
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Class: Login and DB classes quick start
Authenticate users with records in MySQL database
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//Login and Database Access class.
//Developed by Khadim Naby , Modified by Raja Shahzad Naveed.

Discription: This package contains login class and database operations classes.
code samples have been provided for different database queries(insert,delete,update,select).
some usefull functions included in the package are :

function GetUSStatesArray($AddSelect=true);
function createRandomPassword();
function ValidEmail($email);
function GetDuration($TimeGivenInSecands,$time=true,$valueTbc='2');
function GetScriptName();
function GetFileName();
function StartSessionIfNot();
function RedirectTo($URL,$AndExit=true);
function GetServerName();
function GetHostName();
function GetCurrenURL();
function GetReferer();
function GetFormGet($VarName);
function GetIP();

Steps To Setup up the Class.
1- Change the config.php according to your Server Configurations.

2- Setup your "login table" and "Query to your table" in 

3- PreSqlFunctions.php and EasyFunctions.php contains some commenly 
used functions (check them out , they might help in developement)

4- defaultFunx.php contains code samples for select, update, delete and insert 

5- Last change :make a folder "includes" where ur all files are , and cut and paste
following fiels in to it .


or change all the Includes in the remaining files :)


For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.