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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Simple Encryption and Decryption
Encrypt and decrypt data
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Last change: Updated HELP file with errors when calling Encryption::generateIv()
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Here are some tips, solutions to common problems, and guides for testing.


Use default settings

One of the goals of PHP Simple Encryption is to ensure that best practices are followed when using cryptography. By default, this library uses a secure crypto cipher and initialization vector generation algorithm. If you use this library with the default settings you will be secure by default. (This does not include how you store and transmit that data, of course).

Common Errors

Call to undefined method Encryption\Cipher\[cipher-family]\[cipher-name]::generateIv()

[cipher-name] does not require an initialization vector (IV). Do not call Encryption::generateIv().

This error occurs when trying to generate an initialization vector for a cipher that does not require one. Simply do not use this line of code: $iv = $encryption->generateIv();.

Asking for help on Stack Overflow

Be sure when you ask a question pertaining to the usage of this library be sure to tag your question with the PHP and encryption tags. Make sure you follow their guide for asking a good question as poorly asked questions will be closed, and I will not be able to assist you.

A good question will include all the following: - A description of the problem (what are you trying to do? what results are you expecting? what results are you actually getting?) - The code you are using (only post the relevant code) - Your unencrypted text - The key you are using - The IV you are using (if applicable) - The output of your method call(s) - Any error message(s) you are getting

Do not use Stack Overflow to report bugs. Bugs may be reported here.

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