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## Nikola Tesla, Atlantis, Pyramid Energy, Earth Grid ### 1. Most fascinating We'll never know Tesla's full extent and influence since incredible devices and principles have been suppressed by governments. He was discredited and taken out of western textbooks. Public doesn't have access to Tesla's many MISSING patents, such as Particle Beams, flying disks and even Time Machines. (What do you think Tesla's 'Philadelphia Experiment' was?) He inspired the 'Superman story' from early 20th Century and was called 'the Superman of the Industrial Age." A literal ALIEN created our modern world. With a little study, you may discover...he came from Venus! [Venus isn't what they tell us]. I've had the great privilege of speaking once (on the phone) to his 'secret' son, **Arthur Matthews**. History does not record Tesla having a son. But you'll find that he did, hidden safely away in Canada. Arthur was my pen-pal for a few years before his death in 1986 and he told a **very different story of Nikola** than your usual books and films. My article "Son of Tesla" can be read online with two personal, short letters where Arthur stated he enjoyed my research and did not argue against my view of this amazing man. Arthur co-wrote a book WITH TESLA called "The Wall of Light", the only time Tesla ever wrote non-technical pages and revealed personal experiences. Scientific work of this Superman EXPLAINS ANCIENT MYSTERIES and PYRAMIDS and the Atlantean World Grid. It changes all of History! This goes back to the '70s and my strange marriage to a very psychic woman. In 1974, she channeled 13 points on a globe (map still with me only a few feet away as I write this) and in a trance state, said this was **ATLANTIS: main Power Station (transceiver)** on a large continent in the Bermuda Triangle area and 12 smaller sub-stations that formed a world grid. Planetary electro-magnetic energy received and brodcasted to the sub-stations. I certainly did not understand the principle involved with this 'power' back then. Most importantly, 4 of the points on the globe were completely unknown to the best investigators in 1974 (Russian site in Sayan Mts., Yonaguni, ruins in Brazil's Amazon & Canadian Indian Image in Badlands). Other sites, in a Grid of 13, were immediately recognized such as Great Pyramid, Incas, Stonehenge, Easter Island, while lesser known ones were found with some study (Tassili, Zimbabwe, New Delhi Pillar, Alice Springs, AUS). These were the Cradles (kolijevka) of Civilization; we originated from these 13 sites at the exact same time! The Ancient Power Grid was Atlantis and Atlantis was a super high-tech Eden or World Metropolis. ### 2. Nikola Tesla, the pyramids and Atlantis It was exactly ELECTRICITY, only Wireless, for the **same appliances we have** and much more (that **Edgar Cayce** saw). Beyond wireless devices, freely powered, the FORCE was also used to **power vehicles** imaginable, long ago. Tesla planned with his 20th Century world system, to set up an EM field between the positively-charged Ionosphere and the negatively-charged Ground whereby any appropriate receiver/antenna on any vehicle could provide all the energy necessary to power the well as factories, buildings and residences. The Power was also MAGNETIC; this is natural Electro-Magnetism utilized with a ground-contact. Power does not fly through the air as we've seen Radio illustrated, but **flows through the ground** (and is between the rocks & trees, Yoda would tell you). This is why every inch of ground was utilized/sacred to the ancients, which means the pyramids, obelisks, giant statues and spheres, totems, stele, etc. all had electro-magnetic purposes, powered by the electrified ground...for utopia. Time destroys the greatest of civilizations: the main Station with the prime Power Pyramid BLEW UP long ago. The Atlanteans (actually us) mastered what we have not been permitted to publically develop today. We have to be very careful how we use the EM energy. I believe the world grid, this wireless power network, was reconstructed again and again, but never as great as the empire that preceded it. [Demonstrated in ruins of survivors: Pre-Egyptians, Pre-Incas, Egyptians, Incas, Toltecs, Olmecs, Mayas, Aztecs, Anasazi-Cahokia Mound-Builders and down to (Old West) American teepees]. ### 3. Purpose of the pyramids of Giza Great Pyramid served as a Back-Up Reserve System to the main power Transceiver or Prime Pyramid out in the Atlantic Ocean, now sunk. The reason is its special location ("Location, location, location" as they say). Besides perfect alignment to the directions, the Great Pyramid is positioned in the exact center of all land masses when you consider a missing Atlantean continent. If we extend its n-s and e-w directions out from Giza, we have created perfect and equally-sized quadrants of the remaining land area on the globe. GIZA is the perfect center for a new, main Power Station, if anything happened to the BIG one. Something disastrous certainly occurred which explains the myriad of legends and physical evidence of Atlantis (not as a Great Deluge, but), a destroyed continent. (Read 'Edgar Cayce on Atlantis'). I never refer to the GP as the "Cheops" Pyramid, since the phenomenal EM Power Station had nothing to do with the reign of Cheops. The structure was already ancient when it was broken into and PAINTED symbols (misguided, in error) dedicated the pyramid to Cheops. To me, it is as wrong as placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean or ever associating it with a Flood of only 5000 years ago. To me, it's the "Great Pyramid" or the "Giza Pyramid". There is Flood damage on the GP, but the age of (not monuments) these stone Utility Poles are much, much older. Notice how spectacular the GP is compared to the other two at Giza with its above ground, intricate Inner Chambers along with special geophysical and astronomical info incorporated in stone that other pyramids do not contain. Let's presume the same fate occurred to New Atlantis (Incas & Egyptians) as with earlier and later cultures: Main power plant was destroyed and rebuilt utopia was no longer utopia. Imagine NO POWER anymore through the ground, stranding Easter Islanders like before and everyone else around the grid sub-stations because of the destruction of the Giza transceiver. This is our long it has occurred over and over again...that much later (recently) fell to the Dark Ages of ignorance and primitiveness. Greeks were far from the inventors of science, math, medicine, etc. They inherited old knowledge, history and memories from much earlier events and superior civilizations. Gods of the Romans and the Greeks were real; they flew (machines) in the heavens. They were the Atlanteans, Super Indians that eventually fell in downward spirals of lesser cultures and technologies over more time, over a longer period than we are taught. After the Super Pyramid on Atlantis continent was destroyed due to the coming of War (totally alien to utopians), the next Prime Pyramid was constructed at Giza, perfect location for a Power-Beacon to the rest of the planet. Then repeating War took out the GP and a replacement pyramid was installed, not as great. Then cycles of war and the same reincarnated forces destroyed that pyramid in time. And it happened again with another age, much later, and a THIRD attempt at a world power network with the prime location at Giza that beamed out magnetic electricity. With failure of the third Pyramid, the Egyptian delta no longer was the "center of the world" or prime 'Radio City'. Let's fast-forward to survivors of New Atlantis at a much later time. Examine the DIFFERENT ANGLES of pyramids at Teotihuacan and of the Toltecs and Mayas at even later periods. Different angles on Lower American Pyramids were because the entire configuration of planetary energy was different. Many thousands of years had passed between the Mayas and their ancient predecessors, the Egyptians. Pyramids are lenses; they focus the natural EM energy; they are Collectors and Antennas or "Power Pump," power stations. Pyramids and the entire system of obelisks, totems, stele, standing-stones (with ground contacts) are in reality: UTILITY POLES, the ancients super version when compared to our **pathetic, barbaric, wired society of today**. I was honored to hear from one researcher who contacted me at a time when I needed to hear a bit of credit. It related to what he saw on TV and he thought of me: "...You have more believers out there that are quietly listening. In time they will change and see the truth in your words just like the 13-point Atlantis Grid. As far as I know you said it first long before the main stream media even half acknowledged it. It was shown on the 'Ancient Aliens' TV series on the History Channel. They now present the idea that the **Pyramid pylons are like power transmitters**. It was you who first said that!" ### 4. Atlantis existed I encourage readers to look up my Research under the name "Doug Yurchey." Since published, I go by my pen-name of TS Caladan (anagram is "at scandal"). I believe my channeled source from the '70s (divorced in 1977) as to the age or time of Atlantis. **Atlantis was** never one colony or city or one continent, but was always a **World Grid of planetary power**. The whole EM network of a prime Power Station that fed the 12 sub-stations at ideal grid points (after **original space colony of "Earth Base One" at Tiahuanaco, Bolivia** surveyed Earth) was Atlantis. There are **only two general types of humans on the planet: Indians (or Egyptian descendants) and Lemurians or Asians**, whose empire fizzled out in the Pacific as Atlantis rose in the Atlantic. It is no mystery what happened to the Egyptians and Incas. These very old cultures destroyed themselves. Incan survivors became or recycled into the much later Toltecs, then Olmecs, Mayas and later Aztecs, to later Mound-Builders and American Indians. In the East, **Egyptians recycled into the Sumerians, Babylonians and then down to Greeks**. We can see how lesser and lesser weights of monoliths were set in Incan walls, such as in old Cuzco, Peru. These were not from the same time period. **Bottom rows of megaliths were in the hundreds of tons each**; that was what 'we' could transport at that time. It was destroyed, virtually **vaporized** and walls were replaced at a later time when people could only move lesser stones. A time came when stone was no longer used at all and incredible earthen structures were made by Hopi, Anasazi and Cahokian Mound-Builders, far more advanced than their descendants who built teepees in the Old West. My sources told me: We **landed at Tiahuanaco, 60,000 years ago**. If you study the 13 simultaneous Cradles of Civilizations or grid points, a few of the areas contain legends of the date '60,000 years ago' such as Tassili and in Alice Springs and in Russia (ancient nuked areas: like all deserts, some with 'dolmen' bomb-shelters). In Australia, also with advanced prehistoric sites, the ancient memory is called "Dreamtime"...of course, before nuclear wars clearly described in sacred books of early India. I place the **sinking of the Atlantis continent around 12-13,000 years ago, because Cayce said so**. There was a **nuclear age 8000 years ago** and a **World Flood 5000 years ago** (whose purpose was to reduce hot spots of radiation after the NUKES and to rid the world of **genetic monsters or the madness that CLONERS created**, an age later remembered in Greek myths. **Pegasus, centaur, minotaur, cyclops, etc. were real**). "Attack of the Clones," indeed. A great question is **what happened to Paradise or what screwed everything up in Atlantis and in later advanced empires**? In Utopia, bad thoughts, bad intentions, bad actions do not happen; Police were never needed. With time, there were great changes. Supermen and Superwomen were no longer gods and goddesses. Humans created new generations. They were different and did not hold to old ways of peace and love. **Cayce spoke how the ancients became material and militarists and more and more associated with the physical world and Power/Control**. In a decent society with high-tech, there are good and legitimate reasons to clone such as for medical reasons or if you need body parts. How about simple workers that cleaned the house like controlled robots? Look how much work could get done. You can see how cloning techniques could be introduced and used effectively in utopia. There's only one problem: What of body parts and the clones themselves? Do human clones have rights or are they 'property' of the cloners? With cloning as a part of your world (as is today, secretly along with other unbelievable sciences), you can understand how it could get out of hand. What about armies and cloned Super Soldiers? This was the primary problem, abuse of freedoms. Cayce's book mentions the 'things' were used in Atlantis and many battles over the 'things.' Edgar Cayce did not have the word "clone" in his vocabulary, but understood what they were before our scientific world did. ### 5. Earth's energy lines, electro-magnetic grid-lines, ancient concept of ley lines, aura Earth's energy, aura, electro-magnetic grid-lines or ley lines seem to be all the same. It is EM power that moves a compass needle, naturally, right there in the ground. Some land has greater concentrations of this energy than other places and it probably registers on certain devices. Crop-Circles have high EM concentrations. Isn't **Sedona** known for its ley lines or places where vortices of energy intersect with feelings of peace in people? Aren't a **few ancient and sacred sites known for their healing properties (& in waters)**? I have even heard that certain **Incan ruins** produced terrible, horrible feelings among visitors while other places held wonderment and awe to the same visitors. Indian burial grounds? Maybe the sites were where prehistoric greatness happened as well as awful atrocities, mass annihilations... and the land still contained those vibrations? To me, the electro-magnetic forces in nature that are always there, around us throughout our spinning planet, that move a compass needle, and even rain down upon us from space, are a FLOW. The flow is a movement of zillions of photonic particles or charged 'quanta.' A very smart scientist should be able to TAP INTO any flow like harnessing the power of a waterfall or Niagara Falls! It's not magic; it's science. We should do our best to demystify ourselves away from errors in traditional religion, but also away from traditional misconceptions in Science and History. ### 6. What type of technology built the great pyramids of Giza? Tesla's son told me: The NY Tower called a "Magnifying Transmitter," his 'Radio City,' failed in the early part of the 20th Century, **not because JP Morgan pulled his funds**. [Tesla was always rich after his A.C.]. His 1st Power Tower in a modern system was placed on Long Island to provide wireless electricity to a large population. The problem was : Germany could have captured the powerful Transceiver, nearly 200' tall, tuned or focused the buildup of resonant power with such an intensity that the EARTH COULD BE SPLIT IN TWO! If used positively, radio-broadcasted electricity would have completely changed the human race in the 20th Century: no Depression or World Wars. We would have, once again, been on the Threshold of Utopia. But it was the right idea at the wrong time. The Wardenclyffe NY installation could also have destroyed the Earth as a Doomsday Weapon of fantastic proportions if used the wrong way (other side of the Force?). We have to be very careful about how this ancient energy is used. Arthur also said: Atlantis and Tesla Technology will one day return... in the very distant future. The question of what kind of human society or type of technology builds mortarless, pyramid Power Stations and also transports massive monoliths in the thousands of tons, is a people who have the ability to master **anti-gravity and powerful lasers**. Was that too simple? Ed Leedskalnin who singlehandedly built '**Coral Castle**' in Florida, the greatest example of moved monoliths in the United States, had the secret and the secret is **anti-gravitation**. [Many methods have been federally suppressed]. Not magic, but a technology covered in Tesla's patents. Who is to say we don't have some of the wonders of Tesla Technology (outside of the World System) today? They may have been developed for the privileged elite, the covert few on top of the 'social pyramid' and not for the many of us struggling down here at the bottom. ### 7. Our planet will experience big changes soon (Conspiracies)? If so why? They always say we'll be on the Moon soon, but somehow... we just don't get there? We've heard that in the '50s with the fearful threat of nuclear war and then later with all kinds of grave 'coming' disasters, Armageddon, Apocalypse and potential major disasters that could have been far worse in recent decades, but didn't really happen. What about the **Manhattan Project** where Teller and his mad boys actually, truly were unsure that the first atomic detonation might start a chain-reaction that would NOT STOP and burn away the atmosphere? We'll go ahead and do it anyway... Remember "Party like it's 1999" and destructions that were supposed to happen then? They didn't happen. Nuclear exchanges did not occur. My beloved Edgar Cayce was wrong in his inspired book 'Earth Changes' that claimed **dramatic land changes on both American coasts would happen as well as a big, unexpected waterway in the middle of the country**. In today's world of chaos and 'hell,' could we be extremely lucky? Research YouTubes and interviews of the late **Al Beliek, born Ed Cameron**, a brilliant man who worked with Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment. **PE was Tesla's 'baby.**' In fact, Al jumped off the Eldridge destroyer in 1943 during the infamous Experiment. Tesla 'washed his hands' of the PE because feds would not pay for a 1-Point band that would safely secure or anchor the sailors onboard through 'hyperspace.' You see, folks, in an attempt to **create a "cloaked" or invisible ship** for the military during the Second World War, **they created a Hyperspace Vortex**, a **warp (twist, distortion, deformation) in time**. Al (Ed) and his brother Duncan jumped off the test ship when the Experiment went way out of control and some died. The **two brothers also jumped into the Future and returned**! Also the story of **Montauk in 1983** is equally unbelievable as the other end of Time (Rainbow, frequency) was created. View **Preston Nichols**, **Stewart Swerdlow** and Al's real stories all there for you on YouTube. These are some of the most brilliant people... who will tell you... that the strange events in the British-made movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment," are actually (basically, without the love story) TRUE and were really about Ed and his brother. In the movie, a Bridge in Time was created 40 years apart and the planet nearly came to a major disaster in the 80s. Al saved us from violent Land Changes that did not happen. Supposedly, only insiders know that the PE film ain't all fiction. How many times have otherworldly Men-In-Black-type disasters almost occurred, but were averted? Maybe much has happened out in the open and been covered up? I keep up with Conspiracies, right or wrong. I think they're 90% correct, not 90% wrong and is really the hard, brave work of Conspiracy Factualists. Love Whistle-Blowers who go against rough grain and speak out even under threat of death. Look at how many who expressed the truth... were suddenly, conveniently silenced. **Maybe we should believe the OPPOSITE of everything media and Authorities and politicians say?** There could be huge changes in the coming years. If you see an alien attack soon, I'm serious: Don't be fooled. It's probably Project Bluebeam, a holographic 'false flag' to control you and place you in a state of Fear. Don't fear. The **real Enemy isn't out there, it's in here**... the calls are coming from Inside the House. Gain knowledge; knowledge is power. Deprogram yourself by learning and seeking the truth openly. Question everything, certainly everything from the Authorities. They are not on your side, gang. Study the Philadelphia Experiment, Montauk and **secret Stargate, Time Tunnel experiments conducted decades ago and to this day**. If you dig, you'll discover... You might find we are on or in an extremely fortunate Time-Line, one of many realities, a reality that numerous great minds beyond Cayce (such as **Nostradamus, time-traveler?**) predicted mega cataclysms would happen by the year 2000. Thankfully, the horrific disasters did not occur in this time-line. Were they delayed, are they coming? Or should we thank the Heavens that Hell was averted altogether? ### 8. Other types of fascinating topics Don't be too sure you know the truth about anything. Don't be too sure you want to find the actual truth. Finding it is kind of a curse, because you are compelled to tell others out of excitement of what you have discovered...only to be alienated, rejected and ridiculed for your pursuit of truth. Expect the unexpected in all things. Real truth is unbelievable. For example, we did go to the Moon. But what we saw, a few billion of us, or what they presented to us, was faked. They could not take a chance on something going wrong and so like about everything these days (you'll discover), it was fixed. We didn't see the good stuff, the real landings, the ancient structures and evidence of old life and present life on Moon/Mars. View **Jay Weidner**'s YouTubes and research... They got Stanley Kubrick to fake the Moon landings we saw with the same projection techniques as seen with the apes in "2001." Stanley, the great artist and director, was able to do anything he wanted with unlimited budgets after he helped the feds. He was also led into the special privileges of Secret Societies. Weidner has pointed out the extraordinary clues that Kubrick placed in film imagery of a series of his later films...where Stanley appears or hints of his crimes/deceptions, admits to being a part of the elites or tempted by them and then agonizing because of his decisions. This was big news to me, an artist and super film fan and one who regarded SK as a huge hero. NOW to see amazing clues in his films: especially how "The Shining" was about Stanley faking the Moon missions even to the point of the boy who wore an Apollo 11 sweater throughout the film. In "Eyes Wide Shut," Kubrick explored and exposed this secret (Rothschild) world of sacrifices and rituals. Then what happened? Stanley was eliminated and Spielberg finished and drastically changed both EWS and also "A.I." I do not blame viewers and readers who are reluctant to realize the ugly truths, such as what I've learned through YT of 'Satanic Hollywood' or the truth to your favorite celebrities. It's a hard pill to swallow, so most refuse to see or believe. But to the social scientists who are fascinated with the world around them and open to controversies and new ideas, I suggest two of my articles: "**Celebrity Suicides?**" and the very important: "**10 Conspiracies You'll Never Believe are Conspiracies**". Would you be shocked to discover **Paul McCartney is really dead**? He was killed in 1966 and replaced with a taller lookalike, even more naturally gifted in music. I must be psychic because in February, 2015, this story came to me: I later found out **Ringo admitted to Paul's death** in an interview at the exact same time I thought to write a story about it. See link. ### 9. What are you currently researching Two articles I am extremely proud of were posted in the field of Theoretical Astronomy; actually there are so many answers to space and our Solar System in a few pages, your mind will blow! I have worked on these ideas for decades and can all be traced back to my contact through a very special psychic back in the '70s. Many of the concepts came directly from a higher source of information I had access to between 1973 and 1977. The two articles, a must for anyone interested in space answers, are: "**New Order to the Solar System**" & "**Black Holes, Quasars and Infinite Big Bangs**." Would you believe one cosmic event (great explosion of 5th planet where a Gap is today) explains comets, asteroids, Kuiper Belt Objects and, of course, shooting stars? Would you believe **Quasars are the exact opposite of Black Holes** and explains the mystery of where matter disappears to in a BH? (It comes out a quasar on a molecular level). Did you know there are Infinite Big Bangs? How about that a team of people, behind the scenes, **operates Stephen Hawking like a Puppet Show**? It's an unbelievable world; we've had an unbelievable prehistoric history. What's that say about our Future? What I have done lately, since my 400-page sci-fi novel has been published by TWB Press, is put my theories and results of decades of research INTO STORIES. I'm great with drama, fiction and direction of stories. When I write, I am fixated, almost possessed by my muse and write very fast like 'automatic writing.' I've often wondered what I have tapped into when I am 'in a zone.' Am I channeling or remote-viewing the remote past? Why am I so obsessed with history and the future and discovering the answers to big questions? Was I back there? I'm sure I was many times, since I am a big believer in **reincarnation** (another truth I was told by my source was real). Am I remembering Atlantis? Did I build pyramids and use the magnetic energy? I think so. I've discovered that it was more FUN for me to write 'Fantasy Faction' or colorful, imaginative stories that contained real things I've learned rather than write in a traditional, documentary-style. Many of my short stories under "TS Caladan" are online and contain real treasures of insight and intuition couched within wild stories. My novel is called "**The Continuum**" and is an epic of a parallel world where an entire galaxy mimics what has transpired on Earth with a rise of a (Hitler) 'Chancellor' Devil, wars, an enslaving money system and a hero from the outside comes to put things right. This is my Hobbit and establishes the parallel universes of Continuums. By next year, two smaller books should be published (sequel and prequel) which will complete my TRAYLOGY. It is in these next two books where a lifetime's worth of research into Atlantis, Tesla and Pyramids emerge. In Book 2, "**Son of Zog**," son of our hero in first story discovers his destiny by touching his father's giant Quartz crystals. We flashback to the 'other world,' ancient Earth and the boy discovers historical records in the Quartz. He sees how HE was responsible for the human race as he landed on Earth and cloned himself. He also sees, sadly, how he had to destroy Atlantis and the later Egyptian Civilization! In Book 3 prequel, "**The Cydonian War**," we view the age of gods and goddesses on Mars. We see real Supermen and Superwomen and live through them. They had structures at Cydonia that dwarfed anything ever produced on Earth: aligned Great Pyramid a few thousand feet high, Giant Face or Sphinx and other magnificent Martian superstructures. We read an incredible story how the extremely beautiful spirits on the 5th planet and the planet itself were destroyed and blown to pieces by dark forces (First Evil in Universe) which appeared on Mars. The Cydonian disaster left Mars ruined, red with radiation and lifeless for a very long time. What fascinated me with the 3-part story was: How much did I tap into was true? Where did this come from? I don't say my story is true, but threads of it or its symbols may be true. I don't believe one Martian child, like the Superman story from Krypton, came here and started human civilizations; it was wonderful poetic license, to me. He meets a very old Lemurian which represents the declining **people of Mu** in the Pacific area, while the boy stands for the New Age of Atlantis to come. I think we are displaced **Martians who had to journey to Earth 60,000 years ago from a ruined Mars, after 5th planet was pulverized** and we needed somewhere to we came here. It is interesting that as post-Atlantis empires were not as great as what came before them, look what is seen in **Cydonian ruins on Mars**: A mile-long, human Face and many structures similar to Giza, only on a much larger and grander scale. Did the Great Indian Race originate on the 4th Planet? Would our Martian Utopia make the greatest Atlantis Empire pale in comparison? Patterns repeat as well as the architecture from Mars to Earth. ### 10. Last thoughts Yes, a few more things on the Pyramid Energy which we should realize is the same as what Tesla worked with. If you held a florescent light in your hand near a Tesla Coil, it lights up without wires via radiant energy or induction. Now magnify that a few million times and you might see how a whole city could be powered by one, oscillating Tower. Notice how structures of the ancients, in many cases, have a similarity of a main complex surrounded by smaller structures in a pattern. Pyramids, standing stones, statues and stone circles were not arranged or shaped for their art value, but stand for function. Just like a modern, centrally-located power plant of wired AC steps down the electrical power to smaller sub-stations for local use, so did prehistoric Indians. Also, the transceivers or powered sub-stations operated over a certain range just like a radio station weakens the farther you are from the transmitter. This was why you'd need another station in a grid to boost the signal so all your wireless systems, devices and vehicles still operated over a wide span of distance. No civilizations were around the mysterious **Costa Rican Spheres**. I believe they were placed there to merely carry or continue the signal so vehicles could remain powered even over isolated areas. **We cannot have Tesla Tech today**. Scientists know how to do it: NOT PERMITTED because it is magnetic energy and **you can't put a magnet on your computers**, can you? Every scrap of our tech has to come down, before we install a **wireless EM system**! The primates were not mentioned; they are a misconception. **We did not come from a primitive form**. The various so-called 'primates' were all at the same time, same level. That could not be if Darwin was right. Darwin is wrong and always has been. **Primates were the CLONES** and were not ape-like at all; they simply had smaller brains for simpler functions. You wouldn't want to program your servants or soldiers with a lot of brains; you'd manufacture smaller-brained humans who'd be more obedient. Cro-Magnons had larger brain cavities than modern human beings! The large-brained Cro-Mags were the Indian CLONERS. These were the 'gods.' WE were the gods...or some played god to less complicated human tribes. If you want to understand the Old Testament better and believe it because of the Science and Technology within the pages, then view my article: '**High Technology in the Bible' by Doug Yurchey. ** One more unique view of the Atlantis destruction is that it was not destroyed by the evil Belial forces, according to Cayce. In truth, bad guys did not destroy or shatter a continent swallowed by the ocean in a day. Good guys, engaged a SELF-DESTRUCT switch. The logic was sound: The Tesla-in-principle Radio-Power broadcasted to all; everything was powered by the Towers...even dark, rebel, Belial forces that developed over time and threatened to consume every drop of goodness from what was once a Paradise. It was better to BLOW ALL POWER so no one had power and the world had to recycle, rather than a **new movement of pure evil** that nearly took total control. Another interesting oddity out of millions throughout our Solar System...What the hell are spinning on Saturn's North and South Poles? Check out the astonishing photos: CBS 1-EYE at the South Pole and a 6-sided (Time) Vortex at the North Pole? Maybe there are bits of truth in the movie "Interstellar"? Thank you, Joe of the Pyramid Center, for the chance to broadcast my own personal views of Life the Universe and Everything...