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File: documentation.txt
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Class: MySessions
Handler that stores session data in a MySQL table
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MySessions v1.0 - MySQL Based Sessions v1.0 By João Romão ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Contents Package MySQL Classes 1 Class MySessions 1 Class Constant always_regenerate 1 Var $cookie_domain 1 Var $cookie_path 2 Var $session_name 2 Var $sess_duration 2 Var $table_name 2 Var $use_trans_id 3 Constructor __construct 3 Method close 3 Method create_table 3 Method debug 4 Method destroy 4 Method gc 4 Method open 5 Method optimize 5 Method read 5 Method regenerate 6 Method session_start 6 Method write 6 Method __destruct 7 Appendices 8 Appendix A - Class Trees 9 MySQL 9 ----------------------- Page 1 ----------------------- Package MySQL Classes Class MySessions [line 29] MySessions v1.0 Package MySQL Author João Romão (aka =IceBurn=) Version 2008 Copyright João Romão - Access public MySessions::always_regenerate bool = true [line 38] Define if the session_id should be always regenerated Setting this to true will improve security, but also increase memory usage. MySessions::$cookie_domain string = '' [line 44] use: or leave blank OR to keep sessions between sub- domains. Access public ----------------------- Page 2 ----------------------- MySessions::$cookie_path string = '/' [line 50] usually '/' it's just fine Access public MySessions::$session_name string = 'sess' [line 74] The name for the session (PHP's default is the ugly PHPSESSIONID) Access public MySessions::$sess_duration int = 2300 [line 56] Sessions lifetime in seconds Access public MySessions::$table_name string = 'sessions' [line 62] Table name to store sessions. ----------------------- Page 3 ----------------------- Access public MySessions::$use_trans_id bool = 0 [line 68] Should sessions be passed to URL's? 0 = no / 1 = yes (not recomended!) Access public Constructor void function MySessions::__construct() [line 83] sessions::__construct() Access public bool function MySessions::close() [line 163] sessions::close() Access public bool function MySessions::create_table() [line 291] sessions::create_table() You can call this function at the first run to create the necessary table. No problem to call it after the table is created, but will increase memory. If the table does not exist, the very first call to sessions will be stored as usual. It will always return true or die() if fail to create table. ----------------------- Page 4----------------------- Access public string function MySessions::debug() [line 322] MySessions::debug() Only for debugging reasons. Access public bool function MySessions::destroy($sess_id) [line 231] Function Parameters: mixed $sess_id sessions::destroy() Session destroy, useful for logouts Access public bool function MySessions::gc($sess_maxlifetime) [line 252] Function Parameters: mixed $sess_maxlifetime sessions::gc() Garbage collector ----------------------- Page 5 ----------------------- Access public bool function MySessions::open($sess_path, $sess_name) [line 153] Function Parameters: mixed $sess_path mixed $sess_name sessions::open() Access public bool function MySessions::optimize() [line 276] sessions::optimize() Usefull function for optimizing your sessions table. Access public string function MySessions::read($sess_id) [line 175] Function Parameters: mixed $sess_id sessions::read() ----------------------- Page 6 ----------------------- Access public bool function MySessions::regenerate([$force = 0]) [line 126] Function Parameters: integer $force MySessions::regenerate() A session is regenerated either if specified in configurations or if somehow an invalid session_id is passed or if implicit. Access public void function MySessions::session_start() [line 112] MySessions::session_start() Access public bool function MySessions::write($sess_id, $data) [line 205] Function Parameters: mixed $sess_id mixed $data sessions::write() ----------------------- Page 7 ----------------------- Access public void function MySessions::__destruct() [line 334] MySessions::__destruct() Access public ----------------------- Page 8 ----------------------- Appendices ----------------------- Page 9 ----------------------- Appendix A - Class Trees Package MySQL MySessions MySessions ----------------------- Page 12----------------------- Index C constructor MySessions::__construct() 3 sessions::__construct() M MySessions::optimize() 5 sessions::optimize() MySessions::open() 5 sessions::open() MySessions::gc() 4 sessions::gc() MySessions::destroy() 4 sessions::destroy() MySessions::read() 5 sessions::read() MySessions::regenerate() 6 MySessions::regenerate() MySessions::__destruct() 7 MySessions::__destruct() MySessions::write() 6 sessions::write() MySessions::session_start() 6 MySessions::session_start() MySessions::debug() 4 MySessions::debug() MySessions::create_table() 3 sessions::create_table() MySessions::$cookie_path 2 usually '/' it's just fine MySessions::$cookie_domain 1 use: or leave blank OR to keep sessions between sub- domains. MySessions::always_regenerate 1 Define if the session_id should be always regenerated MySessions::$session_name 2 The name for the session (PHP's default is the ugly PHPSESSIONID) MySessions::$sess_duration 2 Sessions lifetime in seconds MySessions::close() 3 sessions::close() MySessions::$use_trans_id 3 Should sessions be passed to URL's? 0 = no / 1 = yes (not recomended!) MySessions::$table_name 2 Table name to store sessions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MySessions v1.0 by João Romão 2008