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File: vendor/eftec/bladeone/
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Class: Gentelella BladeOne
Render templates using Bootstrap for presentation
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Template Inheritance


_master.blade.php_ is the layout/masterpage template :


_page.blade.php_ is the template that is using the layout page:


In the master page (layout)

|Tag|Note|status| |---|---|---| |@section('sidebar')|Start a new section|0.2b ok| |@show|Indicates where the content of section will be displayed|0.2 ok| |@yield('title')|Show here the content of a section|0.2b ok|

Using the master page (using the layout)

|Tag|Note|status| |---|---|---| |@extends('layouts.master')|Indicates the layout to use|0.2b ok| |@section('title', 'Page Title')|Sends a single text to a section|0.2b ok| |@section('sidebar')|Start a block of code to send to a section|0.2b ok| |@endsection|End a block of code|0.2b ok| |@parent|Show the original code of the section|REMOVED(*)|

Note :(*) This feature is in the original documentation but its not implemented neither its required. May be its an obsolete feature.

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