File: vendors/chart.js/src/core/core.scaleService.js

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File: vendors/chart.js/src/core/core.scaleService.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Gentelella BladeOne
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"use strict";

module.exports = function(Chart) {

	var helpers = Chart.helpers;

	Chart.scaleService = {
		// Scale registration object. Extensions can register new scale types (such as log or DB scales) and then
		// use the new chart options to grab the correct scale
		constructors: {},
		// Use a registration function so that we can move to an ES6 map when we no longer need to support
		// old browsers

		// Scale config defaults
		defaults: {},
		registerScaleType: function(type, scaleConstructor, defaults) {
			this.constructors[type] = scaleConstructor;
			this.defaults[type] = helpers.clone(defaults);
		getScaleConstructor: function(type) {
			return this.constructors.hasOwnProperty(type) ? this.constructors[type] : undefined;
		getScaleDefaults: function(type) {
			// Return the scale defaults merged with the global settings so that we always use the latest ones
			return this.defaults.hasOwnProperty(type) ? helpers.scaleMerge(Chart.defaults.scale, this.defaults[type]) : {};
		updateScaleDefaults: function(type, additions) {
			var defaults = this.defaults;
			if (defaults.hasOwnProperty(type)) {
				defaults[type] = helpers.extend(defaults[type], additions);
		addScalesToLayout: function(chartInstance) {
			// Adds each scale to the chart.boxes array to be sized accordingly
			helpers.each(chartInstance.scales, function(scale) {
				Chart.layoutService.addBox(chartInstance, scale);

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