File: vendors/cropper/src/js/defaults.js

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File: vendors/cropper/src/js/defaults.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Gentelella BladeOne
Render templates using Bootstrap for presentation
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Date: 2 months ago
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  Cropper.DEFAULTS = {

    // Define the view mode of the cropper
    viewMode: 0, // 0, 1, 2, 3

    // Define the dragging mode of the cropper
    dragMode: 'crop', // 'crop', 'move' or 'none'

    // Define the aspect ratio of the crop box
    aspectRatio: NaN,

    // An object with the previous cropping result data
    data: null,

    // A jQuery selector for adding extra containers to preview
    preview: '',

    // Re-render the cropper when resize the window
    responsive: true,

    // Restore the cropped area after resize the window
    restore: true,

    // Check if the current image is a cross-origin image
    checkCrossOrigin: true,

    // Check the current image's Exif Orientation information
    checkOrientation: true,

    // Show the black modal
    modal: true,

    // Show the dashed lines for guiding
    guides: true,

    // Show the center indicator for guiding
    center: true,

    // Show the white modal to highlight the crop box
    highlight: true,

    // Show the grid background
    background: true,

    // Enable to crop the image automatically when initialize
    autoCrop: true,

    // Define the percentage of automatic cropping area when initializes
    autoCropArea: 0.8,

    // Enable to move the image
    movable: true,

    // Enable to rotate the image
    rotatable: true,

    // Enable to scale the image
    scalable: true,

    // Enable to zoom the image
    zoomable: true,

    // Enable to zoom the image by dragging touch
    zoomOnTouch: true,

    // Enable to zoom the image by wheeling mouse
    zoomOnWheel: true,

    // Define zoom ratio when zoom the image by wheeling mouse
    wheelZoomRatio: 0.1,

    // Enable to move the crop box
    cropBoxMovable: true,

    // Enable to resize the crop box
    cropBoxResizable: true,

    // Toggle drag mode between "crop" and "move" when click twice on the cropper
    toggleDragModeOnDblclick: true,

    // Size limitation
    minCanvasWidth: 0,
    minCanvasHeight: 0,
    minCropBoxWidth: 0,
    minCropBoxHeight: 0,
    minContainerWidth: 200,
    minContainerHeight: 100,

    // Shortcuts of events
    build: null,
    built: null,
    cropstart: null,
    cropmove: null,
    cropend: null,
    crop: null,
    zoom: null

  Cropper.setDefaults = function (options) {
    $.extend(Cropper.DEFAULTS, options);

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