File: vendors/cropper/src/js/template.js

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File: vendors/cropper/src/js/template.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Gentelella BladeOne
Render templates using Bootstrap for presentation
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Date: 2 months ago
Size: 1,418 bytes


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  Cropper.TEMPLATE = (
    '<div class="cropper-container">' +
      '<div class="cropper-wrap-box">' +
        '<div class="cropper-canvas"></div>' +
      '</div>' +
      '<div class="cropper-drag-box"></div>' +
      '<div class="cropper-crop-box">' +
        '<span class="cropper-view-box"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-dashed dashed-h"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-dashed dashed-v"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-center"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-face"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-line line-e" data-action="e"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-line line-n" data-action="n"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-line line-w" data-action="w"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-line line-s" data-action="s"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-e" data-action="e"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-n" data-action="n"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-w" data-action="w"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-s" data-action="s"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-ne" data-action="ne"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-nw" data-action="nw"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-sw" data-action="sw"></span>' +
        '<span class="cropper-point point-se" data-action="se"></span>' +
      '</div>' +

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