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File: ChangeLog.txt
Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: Change log
Class: TM::MyCSV
Manage CSV files like database tables
Author: By
Last change: - sort() accepts SORT_TIME and SORT_LOCALE_STRING to order values as dates ot based to the current locale.
Date: 13 years ago
Size: 7,785 bytes


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TM::MyCSV Change Log

    * sort() accepts SORT_TIME to order a table by a column that contains
      textual date and/or time values like "January 1 2009". Use SORT_NUMERIC if
      you use Unix timestamps and SORT_DEFAULT or SORT_STRING if you use ISO
      dates like I do in this change log.
    * Two example scripts added.

    * sort() accepts SORT_LOCALE_STRING. Don't forget to use setlocale() before.
    * SORT_NULL fixed. The number 0 and the string "0" should not be handled as
      NULL values. Instead of a boolean comparison we use strlen() now.
    * SORT_STRING fixed. Values like "2a" and the number 2 have been compared as
      numbers. This is an intended PHP behaviour, but should happen with
      SORT_REGULAR only.
    * add_field() accepts field names with Umlauts and other characters from
      0x7F to 0xFF.
    * example_products.php added.

    * row_exists() destroyed the data array in PHP 5. The reason is unknown (a
      bug in PHP?).

    * add_field() fixed (failed with $afterField = "unknown column").
    * Some tiny code beatyfications and speed-ups.

    * There is a new bug in fgetcsv(). All double quotes are stripped from the
      beginning and/or end of the values. I added another workaround to solve
      this behaviour (improved the "smart" backslashes).
    * Fixed a tiny bug in insert(). Auto incrementation of ID "x" returned "y"
      but should return a numeric key.
    * test.php: Added more test cases.

    * Added third argument to limit(), e.g. limit(3, 9, SEEK_SET) for the old
      MySQL behaviour.

    * Full support for remote files added (read-only of course). Works only with
      comma separated files by default. Use $t = new MyCSV(); $t->delimiter =
      ";"; $t->read("http://..."); to read a remote file with another delimiter.
    * Changed data_seek(), it's an alias for seek(..., SEEK_SET) now.

    * Changed and improved seek() and limit() a lot. Both use absolute IDs
      instead of relative offsets now. WARNING! These changes are incompatible
      to previous versions of the class! limit() is NOT compatible to MySQL's
      LIMIT any more! Set $whence to SEEK_SET for the old behaviour.

    * insert() and update() return false if $data is not an array.

    * Added an other solution for the deadlock problem in read(). Uses the
      blocking flock() again. Triggers a warning if a file is opened twice.
    * write() returns false if the filename is empty.
    * "9a" == 9 returns true! Now the class uses strcmp() instead.

    * Auto increment feature in insert() is a lot faster now.
    * first() and last() rewritten.
    * write() is little bit faster now (uses str_replace instead of strtr).
    * close() improved.
    * PHPDoc comments updated, @requires added.

    * write() fixed, ids may contain the delimiter character now.
    * Auto increment feature in insert() slightly improved.

    * first() and last() fixed, return false if the table is empty.

    * prev() fixed.

    * Tiny speed-ups in export and write() (about 30% faster).

    * sort() uses the object method array(&$this, '_cmp') instead of the static
      class method array('MyCSV', '_cmp') now.

    * Introduced read(). You may call "new MyCSV()" and "read(tablename)"
      instead of "new MyCSV(tablename)" now.
    * Locked files (Windows) made read() fail (is_writeable() returned true).

    * limit() added (for each() and fetch_assoc() only!).
    * The array in insert(), update(), row_exists() is not expected by ref. any
      more. insert(array(...)) was impossible due to this.

    * $insert_id is private. Use insert_id() instead.

    * "Smart" backslashes added. This makes the class compatible to any PHP
      version, including >=4.3.2 and 5.x. Critical characters \x00 and \ are
      "smart" escaped now.
    * Bugfix: close() caused errors if file does not exist.

    * Fixed tiny "Notice" bug in export().

    * sort() allows to use SORT_NULL in combination with any other flag, e.g.

    * Bugfix: update() didn't handled numeric field names properly.
    * Speeded up insert() and update() a bit.

    * Works in both PHP <=4.3.1 and >=4.3.2 now (fgetcsv() was changed).
    * Added parameter MyCSV(..., length), defaults to 10k instead 100k now.
    * Bugfix: drop_field("id") was allowed by mistake, returns false now.

    * flock() in MyCSV() doesn't block/kill the web server any more when trying
      to lock the file twice. Now it triggers an user warning.
    * Added close() but made it private because in general it's not needed.
    * Added tablename().
    * Improved the file reader a lot. ID column may be anywhere in the file or
      may be completely missing. MyCSV() adds missing IDs immediatelly.
    * Bugfix: write() improved, IDs may contain double quotes now.
    * add_field() returns false if field name contains any special character.
    * Renamed property _tablename into filename.

    * Added second parameter to ad_field(..., $afterField).
    * Added first() and last().
    * Bugfix: delete(0) didn't work, it killed the whole table.
    * Bugfix: sort("id ...") works (calls ksort() or krsort() internaly).
    * Bugfix: sort("... desc") didn't work because it was case sensitive.
    * A bunch of small fixes.

    * Added SORT_NAT (natural sort) to sort().
    * SORT_NULL handles "0" as empty too.

    * Added some possible field delimiters (":", "\0" and space).

    * Bugfix: Multiple calls of sort() are working now.
    * Bugfix: join() resets the internal array pointer now.

    * Added: ksort()/krsort(). Similar to sort("id ...")/sort("id DESC ...").
    * Bugfix: sort() don't mix up the IDs any more (bases on uasort() now).
    * Added sorting type SORT_NULL to sort(). This always moves empty elements
      to the end of the table.
    * Bugfix: Files can be write-protected, then write() triggers a warning.
    * Bugfix: rand() can return more than one random IDs now, e.g. rand(5).

    * Improved data security a lot. File locking keeps the file locked until
      the script ended. No file sharing problems possible any more.
    * Added ids(), min(), max() and rand(). They all return one or more ID
      numbers. Fetch the corresponding data rows using $table->data($id).
    * Added filesystem functions exists() and is_writeable().
    * Added some missing methods and aliases, e.g. count(), fetch_assoc(), ...
    * No need to use add_field() any more, initial insert() will handle this.
    * Ordered the methods in logical groups: SQL/Array/Filesystem functions.

    * Bugfix: update() uses array_merge now. This allows particular updates.
    * Added: id_exists() checks if an ID exists (see array_key_exists()).
    * Added: ids() returns all ID numbers (see array_keys()).
    * Added: rand() returns a random ID number (see array_rand()).

    * File rows will be separated by "\r\n" now. Compatibility to Windows.
    * Added export() which returns the CSV file as a string.
    * Bugfix: insert_id() works now.
    * A lot of small changes. Works with E_ALL on. Faster too.

    * drop_field() works now.

    * Variable delimiter added, ',' and ';' are supported now.
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