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Role: Documentation
Content type: text/plain
Description: README + Sample screenshot link
Class: NavTree
Explorer-like tree
Author: By
Last change: Add changes description
Date: 15 years ago
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Class file image Download
If I know the existence of other similar package, this module won't be here
Please refer to

for better packages.

To view the on-line HTML, goto

Note that the ISP does not provide PHP, I paste the HTML source code 
generated by my PHP code instead and build the image link.

Tested on IE5&6, Netscape 6/7. It works though NS 6/7 has slightly different output.

9 Dec 2002 Changes: Added leader line. Wondering should I add DHTML effect.
4 Dec 2002 Changes: NavTree should be stable by now. Please inform me of
           any bug. 
Changes: Now web-based file management is working under v001
Changes: Added cookie support to enable refresh page maintain state.
         Added individual style control.
         There is still a bug that make adjusting of the description box style failed. Anybody has any idea??
Changes: Updated to ver 0.001 with added control of tree elements
Changes: Add a html site with references to other similar package.
Changes: Sample3 completed. Refer to status.Thursday 22 Nov 2002
Changes: Sample3 got progress. Refer to status.Thursday 21 Nov 2002
Changes: Added sample3 explanation

NavTree Version 001
Improvement on the package. Trying to attach attribute to each
individual tree to control the appearance. Look at navtree001_sample.php
regarding the usage. Look's stable now.


Make sure you have the following:

1. class_navtree.php
2. class_navtree_inc.php
3. the sample scripts
4. the image, which has to download from my website

The directory structure is something like this

<CODE LIBRARY>  (make sure this is in the include path of the Php.ini)
   <sample script>
<EXAMPLE LIBRARY>/IMAGE/NAVTREE (we define the image directory to be ./IMAGE/NAVTREE)
    nav_spacer.gif   (must have for identation)
    document_open.gif .....

SAMPLE: navtree_sample3.php
   To read in a directory and all files underneath.
   Beside display the filename, it will attempt to find
   the description of file in the file: <filename>.navinfo
Make it work:
   download class_navtree.php, class_navtree_inc.php, reload image file from my website (updated with action_ type images, see above How to make it work) and the sample script.

   Open the sample script. Set the base_url and base_dir to the directory you want. Note that adding "/" behind base_url is a must.

   Set the admin to FALSE if you don't want to do administration.


   Display page done
   Management function hook built in 
   Function added: Directory add/delete/rename/change info
   Function in-line: directory add file (upload)
   Function not done: file add/delete/change info
   Converted to a class WEBDIR.
   Added depth level to reduce deep-level recurse.

Also note that there is a slight change before:

1.  $nav = new NAVTREE ("./IMAGE/LOCATION")
image location is defined in class definition instead of type location.
2.  $t_folder = $nav->CreateType("folder");
The image directory folder_close.gif etc is specified in the location in
class defintion.