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File: htmLawed_TESTCASE.txt
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Test cases
Class: htmLawed
Filter HTML for security and standards
Author: By
Last change: Updated to htmLawed 1.2.5
Date: 1 year ago
Size: 22,390 bytes



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htmLawed_TESTCASE.txt, 24 September 2019
To test htmLawed
Copyright Santosh Patnaik
Dual licensed with LGPL 3 and GPL 2+
A PHP Labware internal utility -

This file has UTF-8-encoded text with both correct and incorrect/malformed HTML/XHTML code snippets to test htmLawed (test cases/samples). The entire text may also be used as a unit.

when viewing this file in a web browser, set the
character encoding to Unicode/UTF-8

--------------------- start --------------------

<em>Try different $config and $spec values. Some text even when filtered in will not be displayed in a rendered web-page</em><br />


<strong>Xml:lang:</strong><a lang="en" xml:lang="en"></a>, <a lang="en"></a>, <a xml:lang="en"></a><br />
<strong>Standard, predefined value, or empty attribute:</strong> <input type="text" disabled />, <input type="text" disabled="DISABLED" />, <input type="text" disabled="1" /><br />
<strong>Required:</strong> <img />, <img alt="image" /><br />
<strong>Quote & space variation:</strong> <a id=id1 name=xy>a</a>, <a id='id2' name="xy">a</a>, <a   id=' id3 ' name = "n"  >a</a><br />
<strong>Invalid:</strong> <a id="id4" src="s">a</a><br />
<strong>Duplicated:</strong> <a id="id5" id="id6">a</a><br />
<strong>Deprecated:</strong> <a id="id7" target="self" name="n">a</a>, <hr noshade="noshade" /><br />
<strong>Casing:</strong> <a HREF=""></a><br />
<strong>Custom:</strong> <img alt="image" my:data="portrait" /><br />
<strong>Data-*:</strong> <a data-xml="x" data-xmnt="x" data-xmlnt="x" data-xmn:t="x" data-12="x"  data-??="x" data-xmxm="x">a</a><br />
<strong>Admin-restricted?:</strong> <a href="x" onclick="alert();"></a>

<h6>Attribute values</h6>

<strong>Duplicate ID value:</strong><a id="id8"></a>, <a id="my_id8"></a>, <a id="id8"></a><br />
(try 'my_' for prefix)<br />
<strong>Double-quotes in value:</strong><a title=ab"c"></a>, <a title="ab"c"></a>, <a title='ab"c'></a><br />
(try filter for CSS expression)<br />
<strong>CSS expression</strong>: <div style="prop:expression();"></div><div style="prop:expression()"></div><div style="prop: expression();"></div><div style="prop : expression()"></div><div style="prop:expression(js);"></div><div style="prop:expression(js;)"></div><div style="prop: expression('js');"></div><div style="prop : expr ession('js':)"></div><div style="prop&#x3a;expression( 'js&#x40; );"></div><br />
<strong>Other:</strong> <input size="50" class="my" value="an input an input an input" />, <input size="5" class="your" value="an input" /><br />
(try 'maxlen', 'maxval', etc., for 'input' in '$spec')


<blockquote>abc</blockquote><br />
<blockquote>abc<div>def</div></blockquote><br />
<blockquote><div>abc</div>def</blockquote><br />
<blockquote>abc<div>def</div>ghi</blockquote><br />
abc<div>def</div>ghi<br />
<blockquote>QQQ<div>x</div><!-- comment --></blockquote><br />
<blockquote><div>x</div><!-- comment -->QQQ</blockquote><br />
<blockquote><!-- comment --><div>x</div>QQQ<div>x</div></blockquote><br />
<blockquote><div>x<!-- comment --></div>QQQ</blockquote><p>x</p><br />
<br />
(try with blockquote parent)

<h6>CDATA sections</h6>

<strong>Special characters inside:</strong> <![CDATA[ ]]> ]]>, <![CDATA[ 3 < 4 > 3.5, & 4 &gt; 4 ]]><br />
<strong>Normal:</strong> <![CDATA[ check ]]>, <em>CDATA follows:<![CDATA[ check ]]></em><br />
<strong>Malformed:</strong> <![cdata check ]]>, < ![CDATA check ]]>, <![CDATA check ]]>, < ![CDATA check ] ]><br />
<strong>Invalid:</strong> <em <![CDATA[ check ]]>>CDATA in tag content</em>, <table><![CDATA[ check ]]><tr><td>text not allowed</td></tr></table>

<h6>Complex-1: deprecated elements</h6>

The PHP <s>software</s> script used for this <strike>web-page</strike> webpage is <font style="font-weight: bold " face=arial size='+3' color   =  "red  ">htmLawedTest.php</font>, from <u style= 'color:green'>PHP Labware</u>.

<h6>Complex-2: deprecated attributes</h6>

<img src="s" alt="a" name="n" /><img src="s" alt="a" id="id9" name="n" />
<br clear="left" />
<hr noshade size="1" />
<img name="id10" src="s" align="left" alt="image" hspace="10" vspace="10" width="10em" height="20" border="1" style="padding:5px;" />
<table width="50em" align="center" bgcolor="red">
      <td width="20%">
       <div align="center">
        <h3 align="right">Section</h3>
        <p align="right">Para</p>
        <ol type="a" start="e"><li value="x"><a name="x">First</a> <a name="x" id="id11">item</a></li></ol>
      <td width="*">
       <ol type="1"><li>First item</li></ol>
<br clear="all" />

<h6>Complex-3: embed, object, area</h6>

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed></object><br />

<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"></embed><br />

<object data="1.gif" type="image/gif" usemap="#map1"><map name="map1">
<p>navigate the site: <a href="1" shape="REct" coOrds="0,0,118,28">1</a> | <a href="3" shape="circle" coords="184,200,60">3</a> | <a href="4" shape="poly" coords="276,0,276,28,100,200,50,50,276,0">4</a></p>
<area href="5" shape="Rect" coords="0,0,118,28">

<param name="name">value</param>

<object id="obj1">
   <param name="param1">
   <object id="obj2">
      <param name="param2">

<h6>Complex-4: nested and other tables</h6>

<table border="1" bgcolor="red"> <tr> <td> Cell </td> <td colspan="2" rowspan="2"> <table border="1" bgcolor="green"> <tr> <td> Cell </td> <td colspan="2" rowspan="2"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Cell </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Cell </td> <td> Cell </td> <td> Cell </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Cell </td> </tr> <tr> <td> Cell </td> <td> Cell </td> <td> Cell </td> </tr> </table><br />
<strong>PCDATA wrong:</strong> <table>Well<caption>Hello</caption></table><br />
<strong>Missing tr:</strong> <table><td>Well</td></table><br />

<h6>Complex-5: pseudo, disallowed or non-HTML tags</h6>

(Try different 'keep_bad' values)
<*> Pseudotags <*>
<xml>Non-HTML tag xml</xml>
Disallowed tag p


<strong>Unbalanced:</strong> <a href="h"><em>check</a></em><br />
<strong>Non-XHTML:</strong> <div><center><dir></dir></center></div><br />
<strong>Malformed:</strong> < a href=""></a>, <a href=""  ></a>, <a href=""     ></a>, <a href=""
></a>, <a href="">< /a>, < a href=""></a >, <img src="s" alt="a"   />, <img src="s" alt="a"/ >, <imgsrc="s" alt="a" /><br />
<strong>Invalid:</strong> <image src="s" alt="a" /><br />
<strong>Empty:</strong> <img src="s" alt="a" />, <img src="s" alt="a"></img>, <img src="s" alt="a">text</img><br />
<strong>Content invalid:</strong> <a href="h">1<a>2</a></a><br />
<strong>Content invalid?:</strong> <form></form><br /> (try setting 'form' as parent)<br />
<strong>Casing:</strong> <A href=""></a><br />
<strong>Check for tidy:</strong> <br /><hr /></div><hr /></div><hr /></div><div>hi</div>


<strong>Special:</strong> &amp; 3 < 2 & 5>4 and j >i >a & i<j>a<br />
<strong>Padding:</strong> &#00066; &#066; &#x00066; &#x066; &#x003; &#0003;<br />
<strong>Malformed:</strong> & #x27;, &x27;, &#x27; &TILDE;, &tilde<br />
<strong>Invalid:</strong> &#x3;, &#55296;, &#03;, &#1114112;, &#xffff, &bad;<br />
<strong>Discouraged characters:</strong> &#x7f;, &#132;, &#64992;, &#1114110;<br />
<strong>Context:</strong> '&gt;', &lt;?<br />
<strong>Casing:</strong> &#X27;, &#x27;, &TILDE;, &tilde;
<br />
(also check named-to-numeric and hexdec-to-decimal, and vice versa, conversions)


<strong>Valid but ill-formatted:</strong> text <!-- comment -->
text <!--
A   c  o  m  m  e  n  t -->
</script><!-- comment --><![CDATA[ cdata ]]> <a>text</b> text<pre id="none">p r e</pre>
<textarea>text</textarea>	  <textarea>
	  text	text  
</textarea>		text  text <br /><hr />
text <img src="none" alt="none" /> t<em class="none">e<strong>x</strong>t</em>
text <img src="none" alt="none" /> 	<b>t<em> e <strong> x </strong> t</em></b>
	<a href="a">	text <img src="none" alt="none" /> 	<b>t <em> e <strong> x </strong> t</em></b>
<span style="background-color: yellow;">text <img src="none" alt="none" /> 	<b> <em> t e <strong> x </strong> t</em></b></span>
	<pre id="none">p <a>r</a> e <!-- comment --> </pre>
<div><div><table border="1" style="background-color: red;"><tr><td>Cell</td><td colspan="2" rowspan="2"><table border="1" style="background-color: green;"><tr><td>Cell</td><td colspan="2" rowspan="2"></td></tr><tr><td>Cell</td></tr><tr><td>Cell</td><td>Cell</td><td>Cell</td></tr></table></td></tr><tr><td>Cell</td></tr><tr><td>Cell</td><td>Cell</td><td>Cell</td></tr></table></div></div>
(try to compact or beautify)


(note nesting of 'form', missing required attributes, etc.)<br />
<script type="text/javascript">s</script>
<fieldset><legend>p</legend>l <input name="personal_lastname" type="text" tabindex="1"></fieldset>
<input name="h" type="checkbox" value="h" tabindex="20"> h
<textarea name="t">t</textarea>
<form action="a" method="get"></form></form><br />
<form action="b" method="get"><p><input type="text" value="i" /></form><br />
<form>B:<input type="text" value="b" />C:<input type="text" value="c" /></form><br />
(try each of these lines separately)<br />
<form action="a">what<br />
<form action="a">what
(try with container as div and as form)<br />
<form>c <a>a</a> <b>b</b><input /><script>s</script>

<h6>HTML comments (also CDATA)</h6>

<strong>Script inside:</strong> <!--[if gte IE 4]>
<![endif]--><br />
<strong>Special characters inside: <!-- <![CDATA check ]]> -->, <!-- 3 < 4 > 3.5, & 4 &gt; 4 -->, <!-- che--ck -->, <!--[if !IE]> <--><a>c</a><!--> <![endif]--><br />
<strong>Normal:</strong> <!-- check -->, <!--check -->, <em>comment:<!-- check --></em><!-- check -->, <table><!-- check --><tr><td>text not allowed</td></tr></table><br />
<strong>Malformed:</strong> <![cdata check ]]>, < ![CDATA check ]]>, < ![CDATA check ] ]><br />
Invalid:</strong> <em <!-- check -->>comment in tag content</em>, <!--check-->


<strong>figure and figcaption:</strong> <figure><img src="picture.jpg" alt="picture"><figcaption>Caption for the awesome picture</figcaption></figure>
<strong>article:</strong> <h1>A</h1><p>B</p><article><h2>C</h2></article><article><h2>E</h2><p>F</p><p>G</p></article>
<strong>meter</strong>: <p>Heat <meter min="100" max="200" value="150">150</meter>.</p>
<strong>datalist</strong>: <input list="b" /><datalist id="b"><option value="c"><option value="d"></datalist>


(depending on context, these elements can be of either block or inline type)<br />
<p><ins datetime="d" cite="c"><div>block</div></ins></p><br />
<p><del>d</del></p><br />


<strong>Invalid character data</strong>: <ul><li>(item</li>)</ul><br />
<strong>Definition list</strong>: <dl><dt>a</dt>bad<dd>first <em>one</em></dd><dt>b</dt><dd>second</dd></dl><br />
<strong>Definition list, close-tags omitted</strong>: <dl><dt>a</dt>bad<dd>first <em>one</em></dd><dt>b<dd>second</dl><br />
<strong>Definition lists, nested</strong>: <dl>
</dl><br />
<strong>Definition lists, nested, close-tags omitted</strong>: <dl>
</dl><br />
<strong>Nested</strong>: <ul>
</ul><br />
<strong>Nested, directly</strong>: <ul>
</ul><br />
<strong>Nested, close-tags omitted</strong>: <ul>
</ul><br />
<ul><li id="search" class="widget widget_search">			<form id="searchform" method="get" action="">

			<input type="text" name="s" id="s" size="15" /><br />
			<input type="submit" value="Search" />
<strong>Menu</strong>: <menu type="toolbar"><li><menu label="File">
      <button type="button" onclick="new()">New...</button>
    </menu></li><li><menu label="Edit"><button type="button" onclick="cut()">Cut...</button></menu></li>


<div itemscope itemtype=""> 
I am <span itemprop="name">X</span> but people call me <span itemprop="nickname">Y</span>. 
Find me at <a href="" itemprop="url"></a>

<h6>Microsoft Word</h6>

<strong>Proprietary tag</strong>: <p class=3DMsoNormal><o:p>&nbsp;</o:p></p><br />
<strong>XML declaration</strong>: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><br />
<strong>XML-invalid character code-point (may not replicate)</strong>: <p class=3DMsoNormal>?Where is he?? asked both Mary ? the one so lovely ? and Jane.</p>


<strong>Block or inline a</strong>: <p><a href="link">text</a></p><a href="link"><div>hi</div></a><br />

<h6>Non-English text-1</h6>

Inscrie?i-v? acum la a Zecea Conferin?? Interna?ional?<br />
?????? ?????? ??????? ???????????<br />
ve?jezi?no ra?unalni?tvo<br />
<a title="?.????">?.????</a><br />
<a title="??????
??? ???? ">????????????????? ??????
?? ??????? ????????????? ??????????? ??</a><br />
(this file should have utf-8 encoding; some characters may not be displayed because of missing fonts, etc.)

<h6>Non-English text-2: entities</h6>

&#29992;&#32479;&#19968;&#30721;<br />
&#4306;&#4311;&#4334;&#4317;&#4309;&#4311;<br />
Inscreva-se agora para a D&#233;cima Confer&#234;ncia Internacional Sobre O Unicode, realizada entre os dias 10 e 12 de mar&#231;o de 1997 em Mainz
na Alemanha.


(need compatible browser)<br />
<ruby xml:lang="ja">
  <rtc class="reading">
  <rtc class="annotation">
    <rt rbspan="4" xml:lang="en">W3C Associate Chairman</rt>
</ruby><br />
  <rp>(</rp><rt>World Wide Web</rt><rp>)</rp>
</ruby><br />


<strong>Omitted closing tags:</strong> <table>
<colgroup><col style="x" /><col style="y" />
</table><br />
<strong>Nested, omitted closing tags:</strong> <table>
<colgroup><col style="x" /><col style="y" />
<colgroup><col style="x" /><col style="y" />
</table><br />

<h6>Tag transformation</h6>
<strong>Font element with malicious code:</strong> <p><font color="z-index:123;width:100%;height:100%;position:fixed;top:0;left:0;background-size:cover;background-attachment:fixed;background-image:url("></font></p><br />
<strong>Font element intended as 'inline' element:</strong> <p><font color='red'>hi</font></p><br />
<strong>Font element intended as 'block' element:</strong> <div><font color='red'><div>hi</div></font></div><br />
<strong>Font element intended as 'block' element:</strong> <center><font color='red' face="serif, 'Times'"><div>hi</div><div>QQQ</div></font></center><br />

<strong>White-space handling:</strong> abc<em> def </em> ghi   abc <em>def</em> ghi


<strong>Relative and absolute:</strong> <a href="mailto:x"></a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href="./../d.f"></a>, <a href="./d.f"></a>, <a href="d.f"></a>, <a href="#s"></a>, <a href="./../../d.f#s"></a><br />
(try base URL value of '')<br />
<strong>CSS URLs:</strong> <div style="background-image: url('a.gif');"></div>, <div style="background-image: URL(&quot;a.gif&quot;);"></div>, <div style="background-image: url('');"></div>, <div style="background-image: url('./../a.gif');"></div>, <div style="background-image: &#117;r&#x6C;('js&#58;xss'&#x29;"></div><br />
<strong>Double URLs:</strong> <a style="behaviour: url(foo) url(">b</a><br />
<strong>Anti-spam:</strong> (try regex for '', etc.) <a href=""></a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, <a href="" rel="1, 2"></a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href=""></a>, <a href="">, <a href="denied:"></a><br />
<strong>Soft-hyphen:</strong> <a href="http://q=ídis­c">ídis­c</a>


<img alt="<img onmouseover=confirm(1)//"<"">
'';!--"<xss>=&{()}<br />
<img src="javascript%3Aalert('xss');" /><br />
<img src="javascript:alert('xss');" /><br />
<img src="java script:alert('xss');" /><br />
src=&#106;&#97;&#118;&#97;&#115;&#99;&#114;&#105;&#112;&#116;&#58;&#97;&#108;&#101;&#114;&#116;&#40;&#39;&#88;&#83;&#83;&#39;&#41; /><br />
<font color='#FF6699"onmouseover="alert(1)//'>test</font>
<font color='<img//onerror="alert``"src=Psych0tr1a'>
<div style="javascript:alert('xss');"></div><br />
<div style="background-image:url(javascript:alert('xss'));"></div><br />
<div style="background-image:url(&quot;javascript:alert('xss')&quot; );"></div><br />
<!--[if gte IE 4]><script>alert('xss');</script><![endif]--><br />
<script a=">" src=""></script><br />
<div style="background-image: &#117;r&#x6C;('js&#58;xss'&#x29;"></div><br />
<a style=";-moz-binding:url(" href="">test</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="http://x&x=%22+style%3d%22background-image%3a+expression%28alert
%28%27xss%3f%29%29">x</a><br />
<strong>Opera:</strong> <a href="\xE2\x80\x83javascript:alert(123)">link</a>
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style=color:expr/*comment*/ession(alert(document.domain))>xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: exp&#x72;ession(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: &#101;xpression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: %45xpression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background:/**/expression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background:/**/&#69;xpression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background:/**/Exp&#x72;ession(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: expr%45ssion(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: exp/* */ression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: exp /* */ression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background: exp/ * * /ression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background:/* x */expression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="xxx" style="background:/* */ */expression(alert('xss'));">xxx</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="x" style="width: /****/**;;;;;;*/expression/**/(alert('xss'));">x</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="x" style="padding:10px; background:/**/expression(alert('xss'));">x</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="x" style="background: huh /* */ */expression(alert('xss'));">x</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a href="x" style="background:/**/expression(alert('xss'));background:/**/expression(alert('xss'));">x</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> exp/*<a style='no\xss:noxss("*//*");xss:&#101;x&#x2F;*XSS*//*/*/pression(alert("XSS"))'>x</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style="background:&#69;xpre\ssion(alert('xss'));">hi</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style="background:expre&#x5c;ssion(alert('xss'));">hi</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style="color: \0065 \0078 \0070 \0072 \0065 \0073 \0073 \0069 \006f \006e \0028 \0061 \006c \0065 \0072 \0074 \0028 \0031 \0029 \0029">test</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style="xss:e&#92;&#48;&#48;&#55;&#56;pression(window.x?0:(alert(/XSS/),window.x=1));">hi</a><br />
<strong>Bad IE7:</strong> <a style="background:url('java
script:eval(document.all.mycode.expr)')">hi</a><br />


3 < 4 <br />
3 > 4 <br />
  > 3 <br />
<._.> hi! <br />
<<< ALERT >>> <br />
<![if !vml]> some stuff <![endif]> <br />
<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> <br />
<uml:ns ns = "urn:www"> <br />
<uml:ns ns = 'urn:www'> <br />
if(13<age AND 21>age){say 'teen'} <br />
age >51 and a smoking history of >51 pack-years <b>was</b> <br />
age > 51 and a smoking history of >51 pack-years <b>was</b> <br />
age <51 and a smoking history of <51 pack-years <b>was</b> <br />
age < 51 and a smoking history of < 51 pack-years <b>was</b> <br />
<b>age >51 and a smoking history of >51 pack-years</b> <br />
<b>age > 51 and a smoking history of >51 pack-years</b> <br />
<b>age <51 and a smoking history of <51 pack-years</b> <br />
<b>age < 51 and a smoking history of < 51 pack-years</b> <br />

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