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Template engine based on PHP scripts
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SimpleTemplate PHP Template Engine 
(written by Michele Brodoloni <mik (dot) linux (at) gmail (dot) com>)

This project has been moved to sourceforge due to practical reasons.

There you can find a more updated version of this class which include:
- Helpers autoloading with custom options
- Possibility to keep templates/helpers/etc. out of the web root
- Several fixes on trunk code
- An extensive example on how to use the template engine (still in development)

You can checkout the whole project using SVN:

svn co simple-template



This is a simple template engine I wrote to accomplish the goal of separating
the business logic from presentation and would like to avoid using complex
template engines like Smarty. 

It has been inspired by the Zend_View component of the Zend Framework.
Try it and let me know you what you think.


- PHP 5 or higher

.:: FEATURES ::.

- PHP code is simple to understand
- PHP code uses phpDocumentor commenting style.
- Light and easy to use
- Template helpers support (global and per single view)
- Template header and footer support
- Possibility to include templates within templates
- Support for template logic (as we use PHP for templating language)
- No *tag-search-n-replace* overhead 
- Extensible and customizable (as of OOP pattern)
- More... :)


See the attached examples files for more information.

Just download the whole package and extract it into a web directory.
After that, just call an exampleN.php script within you browser and have fun.

About the documentation: this is my first attempt to use phpDocumentor
(, and it may be incomplete and non-working, so,
if you can give me hints on how to fix this, or maybe fix it for me, 
this would be really appreciated.

.:: SUPPORT ::.

If you liked this class and decided to employ it on your site/blog/webapp,
you are pleased to let me know, and if you wish, you may offer me a 
coffee using the paypal donation button on example4.php. Thanks.

If you made efforts to add features, bugfixes, complain about the
uselessness of this class, or you simply want to leave a personal comment, 
you are welcome to write me, and explain what you have done and why.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.