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An API for interfacing with databases
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PHP SQL Toolkit Documentation

The most current information regarding PHP SQL Toolkit can be found at including downloads, past versions, 
support and general information regarding this toolkit.

ΚΚ bool database_close( database_connection ) 
Closes an open database_connection created with database_connect(). Returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure. See also database_quick_query() 

ΚΚ database_connection database_connect( datasource ) 
Establishes a connection to the specified datasource and returns a database_connection class for working with the connection. 

ΚΚ bool database_data_seek( database_result, int ) 
Seeks the specified int row value within the specified result set. If this is followed by database_fetch_row(), database_fetch_object() or database_fetch_assoc() that row will be returned. This will return TRUE if the function was able to set that row as next, FALSE if it was unable to. Common causes of a FALSE are trying to reference a row that doesn't exist. 

ΚΚ array database_fetch_assoc( database_result ) 
Returns an associative array with the information from the next row in the database_result passed in. Sample access to this information would be in the format of array["fieldname"]. 

ΚΚ array database_fetch_data( database_result ) 
Returns a 2 dimentional array with the data as it is stored within the database_result class passed into the function. This should not be used in production code and is only provided for debugging purposes. 

ΚΚ array database_fetch_info( database_result ) 
Returns an array of internal information regarding current position of the database_result passed in, such as current row, max rows and number of fields. 

ΚΚ object database_fetch_object( database_result ) 
Returns an object with the field names as values. Sample access to this information would be row->fieldname. 

ΚΚ array database_fetch_row( database_result ) 
Returns an enumerated array with the information from the next row in the database_result passed in. Sample access to this information would be in the format array[0]. 

ΚΚ bool database_free_result( database_result ) 
Attempts to free the memory associated with the database_result provided. Always returns TRUE. 

ΚΚ database_result database_import_xml_packet( string ) 
Takes an xml packet for input and parses it into a database_result object for use with standard row fetching methods like database_fetch_assoc(), database_fetch_object() and database_fetch_row(). 

ΚΚ database_result database_import_xml_url( string ) 
Takes a URL string to perform an HTTP GET on and pulls the resulting XML packet into a database_result object. This is just a wrapper for the XML packet function. See also database_import_xml_packet(). 

ΚΚ int database_num_fields( database_result ) 
Returns the number of fields contained in each row of the provided database_result 

ΚΚ int database_num_rows( database_result ) 
Returns the number of rows in the provided database_result. 

ΚΚ database_result database_query( database_connection, string ) 
Returns a database neutral dataset in a class defined in database_result.php. This acts on a database connection established with database_connect() the query should be written as close to SQL99 Standards as possible to avoid vendor specific issues later. See also database_quick_query() 

ΚΚ database_result database_quick_query( datasource, string ) 
Executes the provided string against the provided datasource and returns a database_result. The function handles all the database connection calls to quickly pull together a set of information. See also database_conect(), database_query() and database_close() 

ΚΚ void database_result_dump( database_result ) 
Prints an HTML representation of the database_result passed in. See the sample page for a demo. 

ΚΚ string database_result_xml( database_result ) 
Converts a database_result into a standardized xml packet for export to other systems, disk writes etc.