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Class: PHP Google Cloud Messaging Server
Send messages to Android applications using GCM
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[![Build Status](](

This is a port to PHP of the official [ JAVA package](

$sender = new \WebPower\gcm\server\Sender('your google cloud messaging api key');
$message = \WebPower\gcm\server\Message::builder()
    ->addData('message', 'Hoi')
// Send to a single device using text/plain
$result = $sender->singleSendNoRetry($message, 'registration id');
// or to multiple devices using application/json
$result = $sender->sendNoRetry($message, array('registration id', 'another registration id'));
echo $result; // all value objects support __toString just like the Java code
The Api key can be generated at the [apis console](

Registration ids are obtained by the Android App when it registers itself on the GCM service. It should be forwarded to your PHP code.

composer.phar require webpower/gcm-application-server

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.