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File: scripts/ddlevelsmenu.js

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File: scripts/ddlevelsmenu.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: My Rad 4 PHP
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Date: 10 years ago
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//** All Levels Navigational Menu- (c) Dynamic Drive DHTML code library: //** Script Download/ instructions page: //** Usage Terms: //** July 7th, 08'- Creation Date //** July 16th, 08'- Updated to v 1.3: //1) Adds "Side Bar" orientation option. //2) Drop Down Menus now auto adjust their positioning if too close to either right or bottom window edges. //3) Enhanced IFRAME shim "coverage" on the page. //** July 19th, 08'- Updated to v 1.31: Drop down menu now positions at top of window edge if there's neither room downwards or upwards to settle. //** Aug 13th, 08'- v1.32: Moved "rel" attribute from menu's <li> elements to inner <a>, for validation reasons //** Sept 10th, 08'- Updated to v 1.4: //1) Added optional "sliding" animation when sub menus are revealed. //2) Arrow images now dynamically positioned, instead of relying on CSS's "right" property //** Oct 11th, 08'- Updated to v 1.5: //1) Sliding animation behavior tweaked //2) Added ability to disable iframeshim, customize speed of sliding animation //** Dec 23rd, 08'- Updated to v 2.0: //1) Animation speed refined to be function of time (ie: 1 sec) //2) Added two animations that can be individually enabled/disabled- "slide in" and "fade in". //3) Script now automatically moves HTML for all sub menus to the end of the page, to avoid any containership issues if they are nested in other elements. //** Jan 12, 09'- Updated to v 2.1: //1) Added ability to disable the arrow images from the top level items (see option "showarrow") //2) For Top Level Menu items containing a SPAN element (for sliding doors technique), arrow images are inserted inside SPAN. var cruta="/almacen/img/"; //alert(cruta+"arrow-down.gif"); var ddlevelsmenu={ enableshim: true, //enable IFRAME shim to prevent drop down menus from being hidden below SELECT or FLASH elements? (tip: disable if not in use, for efficiency) arrowpointers:{ downarrow: [cruta+"arrow-down.gif", 11,7], //[path_to_down_arrow, arrowwidth, arrowheight] rightarrow: [cruta+"arrow-right.gif", 12,12], //[path_to_right_arrow, arrowwidth, arrowheight] showarrow: {toplevel: true, sublevel: true} //Show arrow images on top level items and sub level items, respectively? }, hideinterval: 200, //delay in milliseconds before entire menu disappears onmouseout. effects: {enableswipe: false, enablefade: false, duration: 0}, httpsiframesrc: "blank.htm", //If menu is run on a secure (https) page, the IFRAME shim feature used by the script should point to an *blank* page *within* the secure area to prevent an IE security prompt. Specify full URL to that page on your server (leave as is if not applicable). ///No need to edit beyond here//////////////////// topmenuids: [], //array containing ids of all the primary menus on the page topitems: {}, //object array containing all top menu item links subuls: {}, //object array containing all ULs lastactivesubul: {}, //object object containing info for last mouse out menu item's UL topitemsindex: -1, ulindex: -1, hidetimers: {}, //object array timer shimadded: false, nonFF: !/Firefox[\/\s](\d+\.\d+)/.test(navigator.userAgent), //detect non FF browsers getoffset:function(what, offsettype){ return (what.offsetParent)? what[offsettype]+this.getoffset(what.offsetParent, offsettype) : what[offsettype] }, getoffsetof:function(el){ el._offsets={left:this.getoffset(el, "offsetLeft"), top:this.getoffset(el, "offsetTop")} }, getwindowsize:function(){ this.docwidth=window.innerWidth? window.innerWidth-10 : this.standardbody.clientWidth-10 this.docheight=window.innerHeight? window.innerHeight-15 : this.standardbody.clientHeight-18 }, gettopitemsdimensions:function(){ for (var m=0; m<this.topmenuids.length; m++){ var topmenuid=this.topmenuids[m] for (var i=0; i<this.topitems[topmenuid].length; i++){ var header=this.topitems[topmenuid][i] var submenu=document.getElementById(header.getAttribute('rel')) header._dimensions={w:header.offsetWidth, h:header.offsetHeight, submenuw:submenu.offsetWidth, submenuh:submenu.offsetHeight} } } }, isContained:function(m, e){ var e=window.event || e var c=e.relatedTarget || ((e.type=="mouseover")? e.fromElement : e.toElement) while (c && c!=m)try {c=c.parentNode} catch(e){c=m} if (c==m) return true else return false }, addpointer:function(target, imgclass, imginfo, BeforeorAfter){ var pointer=document.createElement("img") pointer.src=imginfo[0][1]+"px"[2]+"px" if(imgclass=="rightarrowpointer"){[2]-2+"px" } pointer.className=imgclass var target_firstEl=target.childNodes[target.firstChild.nodeType!=1? 1 : 0] //see if the first child element within A is a SPAN (found in sliding doors technique) if (target_firstEl && target_firstEl.tagName=="SPAN"){ target=target_firstEl //arrow should be added inside this SPAN instead if found } if (BeforeorAfter=="before") target.insertBefore(pointer, target.firstChild) else target.appendChild(pointer) }, css:function(el, targetclass, action){ var needle=new RegExp("(^|\\s+)"+targetclass+"($|\\s+)", "ig") if (action=="check") return needle.test(el.className) else if (action=="remove") el.className=el.className.replace(needle, "") else if (action=="add" && !needle.test(el.className)) el.className+=" "+targetclass }, addshimmy:function(target){ var shim=(!window.opera)? document.createElement("iframe") : document.createElement("div") //Opera 9.24 doesnt seem to support transparent IFRAMEs shim.className="ddiframeshim" shim.setAttribute("src", location.protocol=="https:"? this.httpsiframesrc : "about:blank") shim.setAttribute("frameborder", "0") target.appendChild(shim) try{'progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(style=0,opacity=0)' } catch(e){} return shim }, positionshim:function(header, submenu, dir, scrollX, scrollY){ if (header._istoplevel){ var scrollY=window.pageYOffset? window.pageYOffset : this.standardbody.scrollTop var var if (topgap>0){"px""px""99%""px" //distance from top window edge to top of menu item } if (bottomgap>0){"px" + header._dimensions.h +"px""99%""px" //distance from bottom of menu item to bottom window edge } } }, hideshim:function(){ }, buildmenu:function(mainmenuid, header, submenu, submenupos, istoplevel, dir){ header._master=mainmenuid //Indicate which top menu this header is associated with header._pos=submenupos //Indicate pos of sub menu this header is associated with header._istoplevel=istoplevel if (istoplevel){ this.addEvent(header, function(e){ ddlevelsmenu.hidemenu(ddlevelsmenu.subuls[this._master][parseInt(this._pos)]) }, "click") } this.subuls[mainmenuid][submenupos]=submenu header._dimensions={w:header.offsetWidth, h:header.offsetHeight, submenuw:submenu.offsetWidth, submenuh:submenu.offsetHeight} this.getoffsetof(header)"hidden" this.addEvent(header, function(e){ //mouseover event if (!ddlevelsmenu.isContained(this, e)){ var submenu=ddlevelsmenu.subuls[this._master][parseInt(this._pos)] if (this._istoplevel){ ddlevelsmenu.css(this, "selected", "add") clearTimeout(ddlevelsmenu.hidetimers[this._master][this._pos]) } ddlevelsmenu.getoffsetof(header) var scrollX=window.pageXOffset? window.pageXOffset : ddlevelsmenu.standardbody.scrollLeft var scrollY=window.pageYOffset? window.pageYOffset : ddlevelsmenu.standardbody.scrollTop var submenurightedge=this._offsets.left + this._dimensions.submenuw + (this._istoplevel && dir=="topbar"? 0 : this._dimensions.w) var + this._dimensions.submenuh //Sub menu starting left position var menuleft=(this._istoplevel? this._offsets.left + (dir=="sidebar"? this._dimensions.w : 0) : this._dimensions.w) if (submenurightedge-scrollX>ddlevelsmenu.docwidth){ menuleft+= -this._dimensions.submenuw + (this._istoplevel && dir=="topbar" ? this._dimensions.w : -this._dimensions.w) }"px" //Sub menu starting top position var menutop=(this._istoplevel? + (dir=="sidebar"? 0 : this._dimensions.h) : this.offsetTop) if (submenubottomedge-scrollY>ddlevelsmenu.docheight){ //no room downwards? if (this._dimensions.submenuh<"sidebar"? this._dimensions.h : 0)-scrollY){ //move up? menutop+= - this._dimensions.submenuh + (this._istoplevel && dir=="topbar"? -this._dimensions.h : this._dimensions.h) } else{ //top of window edge menutop+= -( + (this._istoplevel && dir=="topbar"? -this._dimensions.h : 0) } }"px" if (ddlevelsmenu.enableshim && (ddlevelsmenu.effects.enableswipe==false || ddlevelsmenu.nonFF)){ //apply shim immediately only if animation is turned off, or if on, in non FF2.x browsers ddlevelsmenu.positionshim(header, submenu, dir, scrollX, scrollY) } else{ submenu.FFscrollInfo={x:scrollX, y:scrollY} } ddlevelsmenu.showmenu(header, submenu, dir) } }, "mouseover") this.addEvent(header, function(e){ //mouseout event var submenu=ddlevelsmenu.subuls[this._master][parseInt(this._pos)] if (this._istoplevel){ if (!ddlevelsmenu.isContained(this, e) && !ddlevelsmenu.isContained(submenu, e)) //hide drop down ul if mouse moves out of menu bar item but not into drop down ul itself ddlevelsmenu.hidemenu(submenu) } else if (!this._istoplevel && !ddlevelsmenu.isContained(this, e)){ ddlevelsmenu.hidemenu(submenu) } }, "mouseout") }, setopacity:function(el, value){ if (typeof!="string"){ //if it's not a string (ie: number instead), it means property not supported if (el.filters){"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.alpha(opacity="+ value*100 +")" } } }, showmenu:function(header, submenu, dir){ if (this.effects.enableswipe || this.effects.enablefade){ if (this.effects.enableswipe){ var endpoint=(header._istoplevel && dir=="topbar")? header._dimensions.submenuh : header._dimensions.submenuw"hidden" } if (this.effects.enablefade){ this.setopacity(submenu, 0) //set opacity to 0 so menu appears hidden initially } submenu._curanimatedegree=0"visible" clearInterval(submenu._animatetimer) submenu._starttime=new Date().getTime() //get time just before animation is run submenu._animatetimer=setInterval(function(){ddlevelsmenu.revealmenu(header, submenu, endpoint, dir)}, 10) } else{"visible" } }, revealmenu:function(header, submenu, endpoint, dir){ var elapsed=new Date().getTime()-submenu._starttime //get time animation has run if (elapsed<this.effects.duration){ if (this.effects.enableswipe){ if (submenu._curanimatedegree==0){ //reset either width or height of sub menu to "auto" when animation begins[header._istoplevel && dir=="topbar"? "width" : "height"]="auto" }[header._istoplevel && dir=="topbar"? "height" : "width"]=(submenu._curanimatedegree*endpoint)+"px" } if (this.effects.enablefade){ this.setopacity(submenu, submenu._curanimatedegree) } } else{ clearInterval(submenu._animatetimer) if (this.effects.enableswipe){"auto""auto""visible" } if (this.effects.enablefade){ this.setopacity(submenu, 1)"" } if (this.enableshim && submenu.FFscrollInfo) //if this is FF browser (meaning shim hasn't been applied yet this.positionshim(header, submenu, dir, submenu.FFscrollInfo.x, submenu.FFscrollInfo.y) } submenu._curanimatedegree=(1-Math.cos((elapsed/this.effects.duration)*Math.PI)) / 2 }, hidemenu:function(submenu){ if (typeof submenu._pos!="undefined"){ //if submenu is outermost UL drop down menu this.css(this.topitems[submenu._master][parseInt(submenu._pos)], "selected", "remove") if (this.enableshim) this.hideshim() } clearInterval(submenu._animatetimer)"-1000px""hidden" }, addEvent:function(target, functionref, tasktype) { if (target.addEventListener) target.addEventListener(tasktype, functionref, false); else if (target.attachEvent) target.attachEvent('on'+tasktype, function(){return, window.event)}); }, init:function(mainmenuid, dir){ this.standardbody=(document.compatMode=="CSS1Compat")? document.documentElement : document.body this.topitemsindex=-1 this.ulindex=-1 this.topmenuids.push(mainmenuid) this.topitems[mainmenuid]=[] //declare array on object this.subuls[mainmenuid]=[] //declare array on object this.hidetimers[mainmenuid]=[] //declare hide entire menu timer if (this.enableshim && !this.shimadded){ this.shimmy={} this.shimmy.topshim=this.addshimmy(document.body) //create top iframe shim obj this.shimmy.bottomshim=this.addshimmy(document.body) //create bottom iframe shim obj this.shimadded=true } var menubar=document.getElementById(mainmenuid) var alllinks=menubar.getElementsByTagName("a") this.getwindowsize() for (var i=0; i<alllinks.length; i++){ if (alllinks[i].getAttribute('rel')){ this.topitemsindex++ this.ulindex++ var menuitem=alllinks[i] this.topitems[mainmenuid][this.topitemsindex]=menuitem //store ref to main menu links var dropul=document.getElementById(menuitem.getAttribute('rel')) document.body.appendChild(dropul) //move main ULs to end of document //give drop down menus a high z-index dropul._master=mainmenuid //Indicate which main menu this main UL is associated with dropul._pos=this.topitemsindex //Indicate which main menu item this main UL is associated with this.addEvent(dropul, function(){ddlevelsmenu.hidemenu(this)}, "click") var arrowclass=(dir=="sidebar")? "rightarrowpointer" : "downarrowpointer" var arrowpointer=(dir=="sidebar")? this.arrowpointers.rightarrow : this.arrowpointers.downarrow //if (this.arrowpointers.showarrow.toplevel) //this.addpointer(menuitem, arrowclass, arrowpointer, (dir=="sidebar")? "before" : "after") this.buildmenu(mainmenuid, menuitem, dropul, this.ulindex, true, dir) //build top level menu dropul.onmouseover=function(){ clearTimeout(ddlevelsmenu.hidetimers[this._master][this._pos]) } this.addEvent(dropul, function(e){ //hide menu if mouse moves out of main UL element into open space if (!ddlevelsmenu.isContained(this, e) && !ddlevelsmenu.isContained(ddlevelsmenu.topitems[this._master][parseInt(this._pos)], e)){ var dropul=this if (ddlevelsmenu.enableshim) ddlevelsmenu.hideshim() ddlevelsmenu.hidetimers[this._master][this._pos]=setTimeout(function(){ ddlevelsmenu.hidemenu(dropul) }, ddlevelsmenu.hideinterval) } }, "mouseout") var subuls=dropul.getElementsByTagName("ul") for (var c=0; c<subuls.length; c++){ this.ulindex++ var parentli=subuls[c].parentNode if (this.arrowpointers.showarrow.sublevel) this.addpointer(parentli.getElementsByTagName("a")[0], "rightarrowpointer", this.arrowpointers.rightarrow, "before") this.buildmenu(mainmenuid, parentli, subuls[c], this.ulindex, false, dir) //build sub level menus } } } //end for loop this.addEvent(window, function(){ddlevelsmenu.getwindowsize(); ddlevelsmenu.gettopitemsdimensions()}, "resize") }, setup:function(mainmenuid, dir){ this.addEvent(window, function(){ddlevelsmenu.init(mainmenuid, dir)}, "load") } }