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Class: PHP Digital Download Script
Serve files for download with codes given to users
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digitalDownload ============== ## Short description With this class you can manage downloads of file by your website visitors with a code optionally limited by number of use and/or limited by time. You can also create a label with your code printed over an image and download it using a pdf file. I also provided a simple system with a form to use this class if you don't have specific necessities ## Requirements * > PHP 5.3 * MySql database * PDO support by PHP * writeOverImage class - - provided * FPDF class - - provided * png, jpeg, gif, bmp image type for labels * ttf fonts for labels - A lot of free fonts are here: ## To-do: support various pdf formats, support download resume. ## Usage The file 'index.php' is used to provide a public form to insert the code and for the installation (see usage below). ## Settings: File 'digitalDownload.php': #### Installation * Set your host: protected $host = ''; // change this with your domain name * If you do install digitalDownload set to 1: public $install = 1; // Set to 1 to reinstall and regenerate the codes, 0 otherwise * Set 1 to create labels : public $createLabel = 1; // Create labels at the end of installation * Set 1 to create Pdf with all the labels: public $createPdf = 0; // Create a pdf with the labels at the end of installation * Set your database data on const DD_DB_HOST, const DD_DB_USER, const DD_DB_PASS, const DD_DB_DATABASE, const DD_DB_CODES_TABLE, const DD_DB_LOG_TABLE * Set the filename can be downloaded listed in the 'download' diretctory: public $fileToDownload * Set the lenght of codes used to download the file: public $codeLenght * Set the number of codes will be generated: public $codeNum * Set the number (if you want) to set the limit the number of downloads using a single code: public $limitNumDownload (0 = unlimited) * Set the number (if you want) to set the limit in hours for the validity of the code after the first download: public $limitByHour (0 = unlimited) #### Label creation * Set the image path where it found the background file and where the labels will be saved: public $backgroundImagePath * Set the RGB color of string will be writed over the background: public $stringColorRed, public $stringColorGreen, public $stringColorBlue * Set the fontsize of string: public $fontSize * Set the angle of string: public $stringAngle (0 = horizontal, 90 = vertical, etc) * Set the point x where the string will be written: public $startX * Set the point y where the string will be written: public $startY * Set the font file will be used: public $fontName * Set the string will be written: public $stringToWrite * Set the background file will be used for the labels: public $backgroundFileName #### PDF creation Will be generated a pdf with A4 format * Set the orientation: public $pdfOrientation * Set the DPI: public $pdfDpi * Set if ONLY the PDF will be regenerated during installation (NOT labels and codes): public $regeneratePdf * Set if you want download directly the pdf after installation: public $downloadPdf = 0; // At the end of installation, or regeneration of pdf: 0 = download directly the pdf, 1 = save pdf in labels directory with name 'labels.pdf' * Set the left margin: public $pdfMarginX * Set the top margin: public $pdfMarginY #### Output * Set EOF: public $eof * Set title's prefix: public $titleOpen * Set title's postfix public $titleClose #### Let's go! After installation, to permit file download, set to '0' public $install and to '1' public $downloadsAllowed