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File: documentation.txt
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Class: basic_basket
Basic Shopping basket system
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===== BASIC DOCUMENTATION FOR basic_basket CLASS =====


  This class is a reduction of the general basic shopping basket I use in the
  webs I work on.  It is not fully tested as it is at the moment, but I suppose
  it is functional (just removed page layout and extra data management from the
  class I work on, and that one is really functioning ;) )

  Requires adv_mysql_db classes to work as the base for database operations



  basket($conn,$view) : Constructor
     $conn -> string for the name of a global mysql_conn OBJECT
     $view -> script that displays infor for a single product

  function insert($prodid,$qty) : Inserts products in the basket

     $prodid -> id from tbl_products
     $qty -> Total quantity to add on the chart (SUM on an update or just INSERT)

     If product already exists in the current basket $qty is added to current units

  function delete($prodid) : Deletes product from basket

     $prodid -> id from tbl_products

  function empty_basket() : Removes all entries from current basket

  function update() : Recalculates the basket

  function change_qty($prodid,$qty) : Takes care of unit change on the basket

    $prodid -> id from tbl_products
    $qty -> final numer of units in the basket

    Calculates appropiate $qty to pass to insert function, 0 units calls delete

  function screen_dump() : Outputs the basket content on screen... modify to fit your design

  itemcount -> total items in the basket
  total -> total price for all items in the basket

  Table structures needed:


	sessionid:  char(13) not null primary key (gets the result of a uniqueid("") operation)
	start:	    int not null (gets the result from a time() operation)


	id: int unsigned not null primary key [auto_increment]
	product: char(50) not null (name of the product size may vary)
	price: decimal(8,2) default 0 (price... define as needed for your currency)
	data: varchar(255) (description for the product)


	sessionid: char(13) not null (associates all products for a single user)
	prodid: int unsigned not null (associates with the product in tbl_products)
	product: char(50) not null (redundant, but reduces select operations sometimes...)
	price: decilam(8,2) (redundant same as above...)
	qty: tinyint unsigned default 0 (number of units in the basket)

  Note this structure is quite silly indeed it is just the basic minimal fields required but 
  is the base to the real database structure

2.- Future releases and WIP

  This class will not be very much updated as it is a limited version of the real class I work on
  and is published just as a base class to work on, anyway some changes may be posted in

  NO WIP for this class

  Any suggestions are wellcome

3.- Contact information

  Carlos Falo Hervás

  C/Manila 54-56 Esc. A Ent. 4ª
  08034 Barcelona Spain

  Phone: +34 9 3 2063652
  Fax:	 +34 9 3 2063689
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