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Class: icRouter
Route accesses based on request parameters
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Different approach for standard routing problem. Instead of using regular expressions, matching tree is built.

This library will not work with older versions of PHP. Minimal version is 5.3



use IgorCrevar\icRouter\Router;
use IgorCrevar\icRouter\Route;
use IgorCrevar\icRouter\Interfaces\DefImpl\DefaultNodeBuilder;

Create router

$router = new Router(new DefaultNodeBuilder());

Add some routes

    new Route('simple', '/simple', 
              array('module' => 'simple')),
    new Route('simple_param', '/param/:a', 
              array('module' => 'simple_param', 'a' => 10), 
              array('a' => '\d+')), // a is integer
    new Route('two_params', '/param/hello/:a/some/:b', 
              array('module' => 'two_params', 'a' => 10, 'onemore' => 'time')),
    new Route('two_params_any', '/home/hello/:a/:b/*', 
              array('module' => 'two_params_any', 'a' => 10, 'b' => '10'),
              array('b' => '[01]+')), // b is string / number of 0' and 1'
    new Route('complex_param', '/complex/id_:id',
              array('module' => 'complex_param'),
              array('id' => '\d+')),
    new Route('home', '/*', 
              array('module' => 'home')),

Build route tree



$result = $router->match('/a/b/c/d/e');

$result will be array of matching parameters (key value pairs) if route exists otherwise false is returned


$result = $router->generate('two_params', array('b' => 'aabb'));

First parameter is route name, second is parameters (key value pairs) array

Route constructor parameters

  • name of route
  • patterns: Examples: 1. /acount/:id/* - provides functionality for additional parameters 2. /account/:id/:action 3. /account/id_:id Parameter is specified with /:[A-Za-z0-9]+/ Only one parameter is allowed per route segment
  • optional default parameters for route (key - value pairs)
  • optional regex for parameters in pattern Examples: 1. array('id' => '\d+') - id is integer 2. array('type' => 'car|boat|plane') - type is either car or boat or plane


For production, because $router->build() is expensive you should cache already built router (APC, serializing, etc...)

Unit Testing

Go to base dir and execute:

phpunit test/RouterTest.php


perfomance banchmark beetween this library and some regular expression routing library like one from symfony framework or similar.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.