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File: Usage-and-examples
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: How to use
Class: DB Accelerator
Map MySQL table records to objects using MySQLi
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Date: 7 years ago
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//this class reflects an already created db table
//you can also use constuctor to set initial data if you want
Class User
    public $Id; //auto increment in db
    public $Username;
    public $Password;

//initiate Accelerator
require 'Accelerator.php'; //load class
$db = new Accelerator();

//create db if not exists
$dbName = 'testDB';

//connect to db testDB
$db->Connect('host', 'user', 'pass', $dbName);

//create user table if not exists
                    Id int auto_increment,
                    Username varchar(128),
                    Password varchar(128),
                    primary key(Id))";


//add new user record
$user = new User();
$user->Username = 'test';
$user->Password = '123456';

//select * from User
$users = $db->User->All();

//select users count
$count = $db->User->Count();

//select user where username = 'test', returns false if nothing found
$user = $db->User->Select(array("Username" => "test"));

//update user
$user->Username = 'newTest';

//delete user

//select user where username = 'test' and password='123456'
$user = $db->User->Select(array("Username" => "test", "Password" => "123456));

//select user where username = 'test' or username = 'test1'
$user = $db->User->Select(array("Username" => "test", "Username" => "test1", "mode" => "or"));

//select user where username = 'test' or username = 'test1' order by username desc
$user = $db->User->Select(array("Username" => "test", "Username" => "test1", "mode" => "or", order=> array("Username" => "DESC")));

//select user where username = 'test' or username = 'test1' order by username desc and password asc
$user = $db->User->Select(array("Username" => "test", "Username" => "test1", "mode" => "or", order=> array("Username" => "DESC", "Password" => "ASC")));

//select top 5 users
$user = $db->User->Select(array("start" => "0", "take" => "5"));

//select 5 users starting from position 10, ordered by username desc
$user = $db->User->Select(array("start" => "10", "take" => "5", "order" => array("Username" => "DESC")));

//custom and advanced select query
$sql = "select * from User where Username like '%t%'";
$user = $db->User->Result($sql);

//execute any query
$sql = "Drop table User";

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