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File: doc/js/jquery.serialScroll-1.2.1.js

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File: doc/js/jquery.serialScroll-1.2.1.js
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/** * jQuery.serialScroll * Copyright (c) 2007-2008 Ariel Flesler - aflesler(at)gmail(dot)com | * Dual licensed under MIT and GPL. * Date: 3/20/2008 * * @projectDescription Animated scrolling of series. * @author Ariel Flesler * @version 1.2.1 * * @id jQuery.serialScroll * @id jQuery.fn.serialScroll * @param {Object} settings Hash of settings, it is passed in to jQuery.ScrollTo, none is required. * @return {jQuery} Returns the same jQuery object, for chaining. * * * * Notes: * - The plugin requires jQuery.ScrollTo. * - The hash of settings, is passed to jQuery.ScrollTo, so its settings can be used as well. */ ;(function( $ ){ var $serialScroll = $.serialScroll = function( settings ){ $.scrollTo.window().serialScroll( settings ); }; //Many of these defaults, belong to jQuery.ScrollTo, check it's demo for an example of each option. //@see http://flesler.webs/jQuery.ScrollTo/ $serialScroll.defaults = {//the defaults are public and can be overriden. duration:1000, //how long to animate. axis:'x', //which of top and left should be scrolled event:'click', //on which event to react. start:0, //first element (zero-based index) step:1, //how many elements to scroll on each action lock:true,//ignore events if already animating cycle:true, //cycle endlessly ( constant velocity ) constant:true //use contant speed ? /* navigation:null,//if specified, it's a selector a collection of items to navigate the container target:null, //if specified, it's a selector to the element to be scrolled. interval:0, //it's the number of milliseconds to automatically go to the next lazy:false,//go find the elements each time (allows AJAX or JS content, or reordering) stop:false, //stop any previous animations to avoid queueing force:false,//force the scroll to the first element on start ? jump: false,//if true, when the event is triggered on an element, the pane scrolls to it items:null, //selector to the items (relative to the matched elements) prev:null, //selector to the 'prev' button next:null, //selector to the 'next' button onBefore: function(){}, //function called before scrolling, if it returns false, the event is ignored exclude:0 //exclude the last x elements, so we cannot scroll past the end */ }; $.fn.serialScroll = function( settings ){ settings = $.extend( {}, $serialScroll.defaults, settings ); var event = settings.event, //this one is just to get shorter code when compressed step = settings.step, // idem lazy = settings.lazy;//idem return this.each(function(){ var context = ? this : document, //if a target is specified, then everything's relative to 'this'. $pane = $( || this, context),//the element to be scrolled (will carry all the events) pane = $pane[0], //will be reused, save it into a variable items = settings.items, //will hold a lazy list of elements active = settings.start, //active index auto = settings.interval, //boolean, do auto or not nav = settings.navigation, //save it now to make the code shorter timer; //holds the interval id if( !lazy )//if not lazy, go get the items now items = getItems(); if( settings.force ) jump( {}, active );//generate an initial call // Button binding, optionall $(settings.prev||[], context).bind( event, -step, move ); $(||[], context).bind( event, step, move ); // Custom events bound to the container if( !pane.ssbound )//don't bind more than once $pane .bind('prev.serialScroll', -step, move ) //you can trigger with just 'prev' .bind('next.serialScroll', step, move ) //for example: $(container).trigger('next'); .bind('goto.serialScroll', jump ); //for example: $(container).trigger('goto', [4] ); if( auto ) $pane .bind('start.serialScroll', function(e){ if( !auto ){ clear(); auto = true; next(); } }) .bind('stop.serialScroll', function(){//stop a current animation clear(); auto = false; }); $pane.bind('notify.serialScroll', function(e, elem){//let serialScroll know that the index changed externally var i = index(elem); if( i > -1 ) active = i; }); pane.ssbound = true;//avoid many bindings if( settings.jump )//can't use jump if using lazy items and a non-bubbling event (lazy ? $pane : getItems()).bind( event, function( e ){ jump( e, index( ); }); if( nav ) nav = $(nav, context).bind(event, function( e ){ = Math.round(getItems().length / nav.length) * nav.index(this); jump( e, this ); }); function move( e ){ += active; jump( e, this ); }; function jump( e, button ){ if( !isNaN(button) ){//initial or special call from the outside $(container).trigger('goto',[index]); = button; button = pane; } var pos =, n, real = e.type, //is a real event triggering ? $items = settings.exclude ? getItems().slice(0,-settings.exclude) : getItems(),//handle a possible exclude limit = $items.length, elem = $items[pos], duration = settings.duration; if( real )//real event object e.preventDefault(); if( auto ){ clear();//clear any possible automatic scrolling. timer = setTimeout( next, settings.interval ); } if( !elem ){ //exceeded the limits n = pos < 0 ? 0 : limit - 1; if( active != n )//we exceeded for the first time pos = n; else if( !settings.cycle )//this is a bad case return; else pos = limit - n - 1;//invert, go to the other side elem = $items[pos]; } if( !elem || real && active == pos || //could happen, save some CPU cycles in vain settings.lock && $':animated') || //no animations while busy real && settings.onBefore && //callback returns false ?, e, elem, $pane, getItems(), pos) === false ) return; if( settings.stop ) $pane.queue('fx',[]).stop();//remove all its animations if( settings.constant ) duration = Math.abs(duration/step * (active - pos ));//keep constant velocity $pane .scrollTo( elem, duration, settings )//do scroll .trigger('notify.serialScroll',[pos]);//in case serialScroll was called on this elem more than once. }; function next(){//I'll use the namespace to avoid conflicts $pane.trigger('next.serialScroll'); }; function clear(){ clearTimeout(timer); }; function getItems(){ return $( items, pane ); }; function index( elem ){ if( !isNaN(elem) ) return elem;//number var $items = getItems(), i; while(( i = $items.index(elem)) == -1 && elem != pane )//see if it matches or one of its ancestors elem = elem.parentNode; return i; }; }); }; })( jQuery );