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File: bootstrap/ckeditor/plugins/specialchar/dialogs/lang/km.js

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File: bootstrap/ckeditor/plugins/specialchar/dialogs/lang/km.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Noblesse CMS
Content management system with custom plugins
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Date: 7 years ago
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/* Copyright (c) 2003-2015, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved. For licensing, see or */ CKEDITOR.plugins.setLang("specialchar","km",{euro:"សញ្ញា​អឺរ៉ូ",lsquo:"Left single quotation mark",rsquo:"Right single quotation mark",ldquo:"Left double quotation mark",rdquo:"Right double quotation mark",ndash:"En dash",mdash:"Em dash",iexcl:"Inverted exclamation mark",cent:"សញ្ញា​សេន",pound:"សញ្ញា​ផោន",curren:"សញ្ញា​រូបិយបណ្ណ",yen:"សញ្ញា​យ៉េន",brvbar:"Broken bar",sect:"Section sign",uml:"Diaeresis",copy:"សញ្ញា​រក្សា​សិទ្ធិ",ordf:"Feminine ordinal indicator",laquo:"Left-pointing double angle quotation mark", not:"Not sign",reg:"Registered sign",macr:"Macron",deg:"សញ្ញា​ដឺក្រេ",sup2:"Superscript two",sup3:"Superscript three",acute:"Acute accent",micro:"សញ្ញា​មីក្រូ",para:"Pilcrow sign",middot:"Middle dot",cedil:"Cedilla",sup1:"Superscript one",ordm:"Masculine ordinal indicator",raquo:"Right-pointing double angle quotation mark",frac14:"Vulgar fraction one quarter",frac12:"Vulgar fraction one half",frac34:"Vulgar fraction three quarters",iquest:"Inverted question mark",Agrave:"Latin capital letter A with grave accent", Aacute:"Latin capital letter A with acute accent",Acirc:"Latin capital letter A with circumflex",Atilde:"Latin capital letter A with tilde",Auml:"Latin capital letter A with diaeresis",Aring:"Latin capital letter A with ring above",AElig:"Latin Capital letter Æ",Ccedil:"Latin capital letter C with cedilla",Egrave:"Latin capital letter E with grave accent",Eacute:"Latin capital letter E with acute accent",Ecirc:"Latin capital letter E with circumflex",Euml:"Latin capital letter E with diaeresis",Igrave:"Latin capital letter I with grave accent", Iacute:"Latin capital letter I with acute accent",Icirc:"Latin capital letter I with circumflex",Iuml:"Latin capital letter I with diaeresis",ETH:"Latin capital letter Eth",Ntilde:"Latin capital letter N with tilde",Ograve:"Latin capital letter O with grave accent",Oacute:"Latin capital letter O with acute accent",Ocirc:"Latin capital letter O with circumflex",Otilde:"Latin capital letter O with tilde",Ouml:"Latin capital letter O with diaeresis",times:"Multiplication sign",Oslash:"Latin capital letter O with stroke", Ugrave:"Latin capital letter U with grave accent",Uacute:"Latin capital letter U with acute accent",Ucirc:"Latin capital letter U with circumflex",Uuml:"Latin capital letter U with diaeresis",Yacute:"Latin capital letter Y with acute accent",THORN:"Latin capital letter Thorn",szlig:"Latin small letter sharp s",agrave:"Latin small letter a with grave accent",aacute:"Latin small letter a with acute accent",acirc:"Latin small letter a with circumflex",atilde:"Latin small letter a with tilde",auml:"Latin small letter a with diaeresis", aring:"Latin small letter a with ring above",aelig:"Latin small letter æ",ccedil:"Latin small letter c with cedilla",egrave:"Latin small letter e with grave accent",eacute:"Latin small letter e with acute accent",ecirc:"Latin small letter e with circumflex",euml:"Latin small letter e with diaeresis",igrave:"Latin small letter i with grave accent",iacute:"Latin small letter i with acute accent",icirc:"Latin small letter i with circumflex",iuml:"Latin small letter i with diaeresis",eth:"Latin small letter eth", ntilde:"Latin small letter n with tilde",ograve:"Latin small letter o with grave accent",oacute:"Latin small letter o with acute accent",ocirc:"Latin small letter o with circumflex",otilde:"Latin small letter o with tilde",ouml:"Latin small letter o with diaeresis",divide:"Division sign",oslash:"Latin small letter o with stroke",ugrave:"Latin small letter u with grave accent",uacute:"Latin small letter u with acute accent",ucirc:"Latin small letter u with circumflex",uuml:"Latin small letter u with diaeresis", yacute:"Latin small letter y with acute accent",thorn:"Latin small letter thorn",yuml:"Latin small letter y with diaeresis",OElig:"Latin capital ligature OE",oelig:"Latin small ligature oe",372:"Latin capital letter W with circumflex",374:"Latin capital letter Y with circumflex",373:"Latin small letter w with circumflex",375:"Latin small letter y with circumflex",sbquo:"Single low-9 quotation mark",8219:"Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark",bdquo:"Double low-9 quotation mark",hellip:"Horizontal ellipsis", trade:"Trade mark sign",9658:"Black right-pointing pointer",bull:"Bullet",rarr:"Rightwards arrow",rArr:"Rightwards double arrow",hArr:"Left right double arrow",diams:"Black diamond suit",asymp:"Almost equal to"});