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Class: Halite
Perform cryptography operations with libsodium
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Util (abstract)

Namespace: \ParagonIE\Halite

Static Methods


> public static hkdfBlake2b(string $ikm, int $length, string $info = '', string $salt = null): int

This is a variant of HKDF (RFC 5869). Instead of HMAC, it uses a keyed hash function (BLAKE2b) for key splitting.


> public static safeStrlen(string $str): int

Designed to withstand mbstring.func_overload, this function will always return the number of bytes in a string rather than UTF-8 characters.


> public static safeSubstr(string $str, int $start, int $length = null): string

Get a substring of raw binary data (immune to being broken by mbstring.func_overload).

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