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File: .travis.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Page Cache Output
Store full page output in cache files
Author: By
Last change: PR for #10 (blank screen issue) (#11)

* cs fixes + update composer.json (add psr/log to reguired and monolog/monolog to suggested dependencies)

* fix .gitkeep issues marked by .gitignore PhpStorm plugin (replace non-standard .gitkeep with standard .gitignore)

* Implement integration test suite for #10

- Update composer dependencies
- Update test cases for updated phpunit
- Add more logging
- Add default ttl for SimpleCache::set() method call
- Implement integration test suite (guzzlehttp + symfony/process + built-in PHP web-server)
- Add integration test for internal PSR-16 filesystem-based adapter (tests are failing)
- Add PHP7.1 and PHP7.2 to Travis CI config
- Issue-related tests added to group "issue10" and can be selected by "--group issue10"

* Increase default expiration time to 60 seconds

* Updates for issue #10

- Pull upstream updates
- Update code to pass PSR-16 compliance tests
- Implement TTL logic in default PSR-16 filesystem-based adapter
- Update tests` annotations for better phpunit report

* Fix random_int issue int IntegrationWebServerTest

* Fix path to router script for built-in php web-server in IntegrationWebServerTest

* Replace random_int() call with rand() in IntegrationWebServerTest for PHP5.6 compatibility

* Revert tests with exceptions to upstream version for PHP5.6 compatibility

* Fix CS issues
Date: 3 years ago
Size: 273 bytes


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language: php
  - 5.6
  - 7.0
  - 7.1
  - 7.2

      - master

  - phpenv config-rm xdebug.ini
  - composer require phpunit/phpunit ^5
  - composer install -o
  - phpunit --version

  - ./vendor/bin/phpunit -v -c phpunit.xml
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