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File: libs/Barcode/VERSION_1D

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File: libs/Barcode/VERSION_1D
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Raptor 2
Framework that takes routes from annotations
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 3 years ago
Size: 9,331 bytes


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v5.2.1      24 nov 2014     Code 128 did not work properly when calling getChecksum()
                            Add a static method to get the checksum for a particular AI.
v5.2.0      26 may 2014     Fix potential break in PNG writter.
                            Fix BCGColor. Deprecated usage of string character reference.
                            Rotation of text or barcode is now CLOCKWISE.
                            Fix Code11. Incorrect size when using a scale bigger than 1.
                            Fix Code128. Potential incorrect table lookup.
                            Fix IntelligentMail user interface not accepting correct serial number.
                            Improve speed by setting some methods static.
                            Fix OtherCode. It now checks for incorrect input.
                            Use ISO-8859-1 when generating a barcode with the user interface.
                            Usage of quotes and double quotes was not working properly with the user interface.
v5.1.0      4  oct 2012     Files moved to support 1D and 2D barcodes together
                            Whiskers has been removed from writing a small line in scale 1 (bug in PHP)
                            Add alignDefaultLabel for EAN-13 and UPC-A
                            Versioning is now per file
                            BoxFix can now be overriden
                            Fix some references
v5.0.1      18 apr 2012     Fix Navigation support
v5.0.0      18 apr 2012     HTML5 support. Fix some exception file inclusion bugs.
                            Using space instead of tabs! Added support to change the boxfix.
                            Added support to Intelligent Mail. Better support for Postnet. Following standard for printing.
                            Added getters in GS1-128.
v4.1.0      3  aug 2011     Support for transparent background
v4.0.0      15 apr 2011     Brand new version which includes some breaking changes.
                            Now supports the possibility to add labels around the barcode really easily thanks to the method addLabel()
                            You can also specify the alignment of the label, rotation, etc.
                            If the label is bigger than the barcode itself, the image will get bigger to avoid text clipping.
                            Add the setRatio method for I25 barcodes
                            Fix EAN-13 and ISBN
v3.0.2      4  apr 2011     Fixing the test.php
v3.0.1      26 mar 2011     Minor fixes for IE9
v3.0.0      21 mar 2011     Better support for failure instead of writing the error on the UI, an exception is being thrown.
v2.2.0      13 feb 2010     Added the support for GS1-128 (EAN-128).
                            Fix ISBN text support to be the right font.
                            Make sure the /html files are formatted.
v2.1.0      8  nov 2009     Added a way to change the DPI before saving (BCGDrawing::setDPI()). Set the value to null if you want to improve the performance and still have 72dpi.
                            But you can set it to 300 if you wish to print it.
                            You do not need an additional DLL for this.
                            Added a way to rotate in degree the barcode before saving (BCGDrawing::setRotationAngle()).
                            Added a verification if you have GD installed... So that way you know it before contacting support :)
                            Fix HTML display for Code 93 and Code 39 Extended buttons
                            You can now specify a specific table for Code 128. For instance, if you want to force to use the table B, you would write the following to parse
                            array(CODE128_B, 'The Text To Encode')
                            The default table selection for Code 128 is automatically chosen.
                            Fix many PHP4 errors.
v2.0.1Fix   28 jul 2009     Change UPC-E encoding from UTF-8 to ANSI
v2.0.1      21 may 2009     Fix the Code 128C, Fix EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A, UPC-E and Postnet padding, MSI checksum can be 1 or 2
                            Fix JoinDraw class
                            Added GIF and WBMP support
                            Fix the Checksum Text displayed for ISBN
                            Fix padding for ISBN with setOffsetY
                            Fix Button in /html for IE8
v2.0.0      23 apr 2008     The new version has been released... All the codes have been revamped to fit with
                            common file for 2D barcodes. Instead of using "setText()" method, the method
                            parse() is used.
                            Thickness is modified by the scale.
                            Code 128: it has been modified completely, no need to specify which encoding you want to
                            use, it will select it for you automatically and try to get the shortest barcode.
                            Codabar: you can't only put one letter as a barcode.
                            Code 93: supports now the extended full ASCII 0 to 127
                            Code 39 extended has been added in a separate file since the extended
                            version of Code 39 is totally optional.
                            Codabar has been fixed for B and C letter
                            We got our real nice domain:
v1.3.0      13 apr 2007     Remove ISBN from EAN-13 and a new file has been created to handle
                            ISBN-10 and ISBN-13.
v1.2.4      1  feb 2007     Fix Code128. There were some errors dealing with C table
v1.2.3pl1   11 mar 2006     Correct the EAN-13/ISBN file. There was a problem with displaying correctly an ISBN.
v1.2.3      8  feb 2006     Int for font is no longer deprecated and can be used.
                            Correct many labels' positions : ean8, ean13, upca, upce
                            Correct getWidth of Font.
v1.2.3b     5  jan 2006     Add separate checksum method to calculate and get this special number created and a way to display it with the label.
                            Correct code for PHP5.1 compatibility. Selecting a char by { } is now deprecated. Using of [ ] is used instead.
                            Correct checksum for Code11. In some case, the checksum was bad.
                            Correct problem displaying label with text under the baseline (letters such as p, g...).
                            SIZE_SPACING_FONT_END has been suppressed since the previous bug has been fixed.
                            Correct label if two barcode were generated with the same font. The font is now cloned immediately before using.
                            The FDrawing has new methods now, use setBarcode and draw instead of add_barcode and draw_all. Only one barcode per FDrawing is possible now.
                            Correct errors of othercode if no text font has been selected.
                            othercode was not working for PHP4 due to the lack of the str_split function. Now the function is emulated.
                            New file : JoinDraw allows you to join 2 graphic and align each of them. (Useful for UCPExt). PHP5 only
                            Currently Working on UPC-A label
v1.2.2      23 jul 2005     Correct checksum for i25 and s25 barcode (thanks to Gerald Pienkowski (Germany))
                            Enhance rapidity for some barcode
                            Change almost all comment in files : the update 1.2.1 was in 2005, not in 2004 ;)
v1.2.1      27 jun 2005     The php code is now cleaner :)
                            Increase rapidity of execution
                            Type verifications in conditions
                            NEW support of exterior font (Arial, Courier, etc.) with a size that you can specify
                            Use PHP fonts is deprecated and they will be deleted in further versions.
                            Remove the "alt" text on the image (IE displays it as a tooltip)
                            Color class has been enhanced and accept new parameter for constructor
                            Now you don't have to provide a specific size of the image, it will be calculated automatically for barcodes and errors
                            Added the version number at the bottom of the script html.
                            Correcting code 128 to output code correctly when passing from code C to another code
v1.05       27 jun 2005     UPCext2 has been corrected. It could display a wrong barcode.
                            Correcting UPC-A, bad output when writting text
v1.04       2  apr 2005     Correcting some bugs and makes available for commercial usage : purchase it on
v1.03       28 mar 2005     Correcting DrawChar
v1.02       8  mar 2005     Transforming PHPDOC and converting to XHTML1.0 Transitionnal
                            And adding a special option that check if you have PHP5 installed
                            Because to many people are writing to me that saying the script doesn't work (because they have PHP4).
v1.01       7  jul 2004     Correcting code39.barcode.php
v1.00       17 jun 2004     New :)

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