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File: ext/phady/security/core/user/userinterface.zep.c

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File: ext/phady/security/core/user/userinterface.zep.c
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Phady Framework
Web application MVC framework based on Phalcon
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Date: 6 years ago
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#ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H #include "../../../../ext_config.h" #endif #include <php.h> #include "../../../../php_ext.h" #include "../../../../ext.h" #include <Zend/zend_exceptions.h> #include "kernel/main.h" /** * Phady\Security\Core\User\UserInterface * * Interface */ ZEPHIR_INIT_CLASS(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface) { ZEPHIR_REGISTER_INTERFACE(Phady\\Security\\Core\\User, UserInterface, phady, security_core_user_userinterface, phady_security_core_user_userinterface_method_entry); return SUCCESS; } /** * Returns the roles granted to the user. * * <code> * public function getRoles() * { * return array('ROLE_USER'); * } * </code> * * Alternatively, the roles might be stored on a ``roles`` property, * and populated in any number of different ways when the user object * is created. * * @return Role[] The user roles */ ZEPHIR_DOC_METHOD(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface, getRoles); /** * Returns the password used to authenticate the user. * * This should be the encoded password. On authentication, a plain-text * password will be salted, encoded, and then compared to this value. * * @return string The password */ ZEPHIR_DOC_METHOD(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface, getPassword); /** * Returns the salt that was originally used to encode the password. * * This can return null if the password was not encoded using a salt. * * @return string|null The salt */ ZEPHIR_DOC_METHOD(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface, getSalt); /** * Returns the username used to authenticate the user. * * @return string The username */ ZEPHIR_DOC_METHOD(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface, getUsername); /** * Removes sensitive data from the user. * * This is important if, at any given point, sensitive information like * the plain-text password is stored on this object. */ ZEPHIR_DOC_METHOD(Phady_Security_Core_User_UserInterface, eraseCredentials);