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File: app/Resources/translations/messages.en.yml

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File: app/Resources/translations/messages.en.yml
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Papernic
Manage documents colaboratively
Author: By
Last change: Update.
Date: 9 months ago
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user_login: User Login
username: Username
password: Password
login: Login
all_fields_required: All fields are required
fields_marked_red_required: Fields marked with a red * are required
remember_me: Remember me
company_id: Company ID
user_login_failed: Error: Login failed.
dashboard: Dashboard
app_slogan: Document Management & Collaboration System
logout: Logout
logged_in: Logged in:
contact_details: Contact Details
individual: Individual
corporate: Corporate
contact_type: Contact Type
contact_name: Contact Name
save_contact: Save Contact
email: E-mail
phone: Phone
gsm: GSM
citizenship_no: Citizenship No
tax_id: Tax ID
tax_office: Tax Office
web: Web
im: Instant Messaging ID
fax: Fax
country: Country
address: Address
notes: Notes
cancel: Cancel
contact_list: Contact List
action_success: Your request has been successfully processed.
action_error: An error has occurred while processing your request.
contact: Contact
contacts: Contacts
add_contact: Add Contact
no_records_found: No records found.
records_found: record(s) found.
are_you_sure: Are you sure you want to perform this action?
delete: Delete
type: Type
name: Name
actions: Actions
go_to_page: Go to page
customer_login_id: Customer ID
quick_search_contacts: Quick Search Contacts
documents: Documents
add_document: Add Document
document_list: Document List
document_details: Document Details
document_subject: Document Subject
document_no: Document No
save_document: Save Document
document_date: Document Date
expiry_date: Expiry Date
filing_cabinet_no: Filing Cabinet No
from_contact: From Contact
to_contact: To Contact
choose: Choose...
document_type: Document Type
document_category: Document Category
no: No
subject: Subject
type: Type
category: Category
edit: Edit
files: Files
upload_files: Select File(s) to Upload
file_name: File Name
size: Size
date_added: Date Added
timestamp: Timestamp
uploaded_by: Uploaded by
files_uploading: Please wait while uploading your files...
files_uploading_done: Upload complete!
error_occurred: An error has occurred while processing your request
search_filters_active: Warning: Search filters are active.
clear_search_filters: Click here to clear search filters to display all results
write_dashboard: Write a message to dashboard
send: Send
recent_activities: Recent Activities
send_dashboard: Send message to dashboard
quick_search_documents: Quick Search Documents
has_added_document: has added document
demo_warning_1: Warning! You are using PUBLIC DEMO of PaperNIC.
demo_warning_2: We are not responsible for any user generated content.
disk_usage_details: Disk usage details
used: Used
limit: Limit
percent: Percent
definitions: Definitions
document_types: Document Types
document_categories: Document Categories
add_new_document_type: Add new document type
add_new_document_category: Add new document category
attached_files: Attached Files
user_profile: User Profile
your_privileges: Your Privileges
priv_document_edit: Edit document details
priv_document_delete: Delete documents
priv_contact_edit: Edit contact details
priv_contact_delete: Delete contacts
priv_file_upload: Upload files
priv_file_download: Download files
priv_file_delete: Delete files
role: Role
user: User
admin: Administrator
your_details: Your Details
full_name: Full Name
smtp_host: SMTP Host
smtp_user_name: SMTP Username
smtp_password: SMTP Password
hidden: Hidden
smtp_port: SMTP Port
smtp_use_auth: SMTP Use Auth
smtp_use_ssl: SMTP Use SSL
yes: Yes
mb_loaded: MB loaded
send_via_email: Send via E-mail
loading: Loading
please_wait: Please wait
to: To
message: Message
send: Send
smtp_not_defined: Your SMTP details are not defined.
contact_admin: Please contact your administrator.
account_details: Account Details
system_users: System Users
management: Management
unauth_access: Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
last_seen: Last Seen
user_details: User Details
privileges: Privileges
confirm: Confirm
smtp_auth_type: SMTP Auth Mode
smtp_encryption: SMTP Encryption
save_user_details: Save User Details
user_limit_reached: Can not add new user. Maximum number of users exceeded.
add_new_user: Add New System User
password_not_match: Password doesn't match confirmation.
add_new: Add New
show: Show
secure_connection: Secure Connection
send_email: Send E-mail
compose_email: Compose E-mail
send_all_via_email: Send all via e-mail
menu: Menu
ie_emails: Separate with semicolon:;
start: Start
end: End
optional: Optional
reset_sort_order: Reset Sort Order
user_permisssions: User Permissions
recent_10_documents_by_user: Recent 10 Documents by User
user_relations: Related Users
add: Add