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Tutorial video: SleekTabs Tutorial Part 2

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  • Title: SleekTabs Tutorial Part 2
    Description: This two-part video tutorial walks you through the process of setting up a simple, three-tabbed static web page using SleekTabs.

    SleekTabs - - is a program written in PHP designed to make it easier for web developers to incorporated tabbed interfaces in their web pages.

    It provides Ajax-browsing functionality to make the experience of using a tabbed interface on a website as natural as possible.

    In Part 2, we look at extending our existing installation, so that it works regardless of whether the client is JavaScript-enabled (good for bots such as search engines too!)

    NOTE: Apologies for the noisy audio, and rather unprofessional and obvious transitions between audio segments. Hopefully this still gets the point across.
    Duration: 00:05:57
    Package: SleekTabs
    Generate tab based interface updated using AJAX
    SleekTabs Tutorial Part 2